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please educate me on reiki?


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i've just been scanning through some of the answers on this site and i've heard alot of interesting stuff. I'm really curious regarding ch/prana/ki/life force or whatever you like to call it. I am planning on taking kundalini yoga tomorow for the first time. what is Reiki, can I take classes? Is it like a martial art, is it hands on like yoga? Or is it something you learn in a class room and through books. I've heard people call themselves reiki masters and similar names like that but i still don't know what reiki is. I heard it can be used for healing is this true? any other useful information I would truly appreciate thank you for your time.

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Reiki is energy work. There are three levels to attain to be a worker. It is a healing practice. I have only had one reiki class, so I am not an expert, but that is some basic info for you.
Have fun in yoga!

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you use reiki symbols in combination with both hands to is offered in many places,but i would be leary of those that charge an arm and a leg.i was charged nothing because it was a gift from healing ,good ,people except for the book on the symbols and what it is and hand positions

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Reiki - Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki means "life force energy".
It was 're-discovered' by Dr. Mikao Usui.
Re-discovered because most believe it always existed but was lost in mankind's history until Dr. Usui found it.
I attained level III or Reiki Master.
Reiki is not taught or learned. You are attuned in a ritual similar to baptism.
You then have the energy force available to you.
The teaching is only in how to use the energy.
I have since become a Christian and although I have retained the healing energy I no longer invoke any spirits, enter altered states of consciousness, or intone any symbols.
It is very real but also can give a practitioner the feeling of being like God - which is a sin.
Limited healing can be done using this energy - but I have seen some very real, undeniable healing happen especially with impact injuries, sprains, and burns.
There are many who think it is fake, but I assure you it is real and I have proven it to many a skeptic.
Because it is real, and no one knows for sure the source, please be very careful in your decision.