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Near death experiences - Why do some survive?


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“Carlos C” posted a question about near death experiences and it started me thinking about what makes some people (and animals) survive in the face of massive injury while others appear to keel over due to relatively minor injuries.
For those of you who have had a near death experience, what exactly is it that you believe contributed most to your survival. Was it simply a strong life force energy (chi)? Was it fear of death? Were you just to upset at the insult of injury to let it do you in? Do you believe God decided to keep you around for some purpose? Was it just luck?
Inquiring minds want to know…

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Near death experiences are caused by natural ketamine compounds released by dying nerve cells as one last gasp for oxygen - call it chi if you want.
I did not have a "near death" experience...I mean I was close to death, but I didn't see the angels, and light and all that crap...Surviving is luck of the draw or in my case the medics who kept me from bleeding to death after a NVA rpg blew up right next to me - it was like shutting the cover on a the time I passed out I was in a red berserk fury and in close and hand to hand combat..maybe that helped me survive. I woke up in a world of pain and was deaf in one ear
BTW - I don't believe that "God" has much to do with it.

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In my case, I think anger helped a lot, even while I was unconcious. When I first became very ill, it was a major inconvenience and I saw it as a disruption. As vital organs began to fail, I focused all of my energy on thinking about what I had yet to do. Also, having the right medical assistance at exactly the right time to diagnose and treat what I had saved my life. I'm also convinced that I hadn't yet served my purpose which is why it was a good thing to keep making lists in my head of my goals and unfinished business. The prayers of family, friends and others probably helped, too.

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u dont know nothing about it and noone can.
dont bother urself with these questions cuz u will never know the answer.
live ur life.

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I decided to live.....if any of u would have gotten to that point u would know what I am speaking of.....u have control...u have a choice....I wish I would have choosen differently

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