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My many questions on meditating, chakra, and phycokinesis? HELP!?


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Others want their mind full, focused, and hings like that when they meditate. I am trying to use phycokenisis (Sorry fr the spelling) and spell/wiccan works. I know more about it than your average joe, and want to get more into it, but I'm not sure why, but I cant ever shut my eyes regularly without squinting or being uncomfortable! Any tips? Also, how to be so relaxed, and minouver around the barriers in your mind that keep you from entering the astrial state? ALSO......should I use my chakra pool that is the most open for me or the easiest to access (The abdomen)? Does anyone know how long it may take to master meditation? I am a 13 year old girl, if it helps, even though I know it varies. I already know a way that can help me focus. (Im gonna try a lit candle in a bowl of water :P) Does anyone know how long it takes to master phycokinesis? Now than im out of questions, please answer them all in detail! No I reallyy dont want your comments on me doing phycokenises or spells, so DONT MENTION IT. Thanks!!!!!!

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I am only going to suggest what *I* know about; sorry I can't answer all the questions:
1. I think you should try meditation music (I love using Om Deeksha! - one of the best CD's I've ever purchased) or a guided meditation
2. Mastering meditation depends on how dedicated you are to it. Do it daily in the morning when you wake up and when you're about to go to sleep, even if it's only 5 minutes. As with anything else, practice makes perfect.
3. I'm not quite understand your chakra pool question...
Hope I helped with what I *could* answer

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do NOT meditate EVER if you meditate your mind will be blank i know...but it is awfully bad for you once your mind is blank demons will take advantage of it and come in instead to help yourself calm down pray to God and all will be resolved but let me warn you it doesn't happen in a snap...but it might happen in a period of time it depends on what you need. meditating...chakra and phycokinesis doesnt help itll make it even worst take my advice and study the bible God talks to in many ways ....the bible could be one of them 😀

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Put a soft cloth wrap loosely around your face so it covers your eyes. That should take care of the eye-closing bit.
Chances are if you are making a serious effort at something and getting in any way frustrated, you are trying to go too far, too fast. You must, absolutely must, be patient. You will make very slow, small steps, and it will be tempting to look for ways to go faster. Ignore these temptations. You can try to force speed, but in the end, you will deceive yourself and end up going nowhere, whereas with patience and accepting small steps, you will look back after a month or so and you will be amazed at the progress you have made.
If you are straining at all, you're trying too hard, and it won't work well for you.
Google meditation and don't just idly take the first bit of crud you find; check things out. Find friends who meditate and compare experiences. Find a friend who meditates regularly and share with them. This is the best way to learn -- from someone who is already on the road you wish to travel. You'll know the right one: that will be the one who doesn't demand things of you before you're ready, who quietly accepts you just as you are and answers questions and makes you feel relaxed when you are with them. That will be your teacher.
Not to be too new-agey, but there's a saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

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Precious child.
You will not master anything until you master yourself and your "Self", first. It requires concentration that most 30 year-olds don't have.
Forgive my parental austerity, but first learn to spell it, then learn what psyche and kinesis mean.