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Meditation makes me light headed?


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Whenever I try and meditate, I start feeling light headed and have to cut out after a while. I can meditate for long enough in order to completely relax myself, but even then it's only 5 minutes or so and then I have to stop. I read about the seven chakra's and felt what I can only describe as the sensation of my forehead opening up, and full of light, which I assume was my head chakra. Is there anything I can do to stop the intensity or anything I can tell myself to help me keep on breathing.
Also, what does It mean when the crown chakra opens up?

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You must fall in love and find a spiritual master/teacher.

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I meditate but use no religion or spiritual guidance. Being light headed is totally normal. Keep working on it slowly increasing the time. You can't hurt yourself.

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In the sacred teachings of the far east - There are different meditational techniques for different reasons.
Watching the breath is one -
Asking yourself as to who you really are is another. Listening to the AUM or the motor running within yourself is another, trying to find the creator of love or feelings is another - turning the senses inward is another, etc.
If 5 minutes is what you feel comfortable with, well then that is your reward.
When you are talking about the Kudalini and the operations of the ida and pingala - the breath is involved. If you can watch the breath without interfering with it, it is a technique which will cause the breathing to cease.
It is not a condition of becoming dead - It has to do with stilling the self to the point of not needing very much air. As the air is needed for activity - When you run, then you breathe harder - your air needs are replaced as needed - when angry or other felt emotions it also uses much energy and therefore we then also need more air than normal -
When in complete stillness in a deep meditational state - there is very little air needed and it scares us into wondering if we shouldn't be breathing and In our fright we begin panting out of the fear that we created from thinking about not breathing.
The mind controls the breath and the breath controls the mind - A vital key to the kingdom.
The ajna charkra or third eye can be represented by pineal gland and the pituitary gland being connected to the thousand petal lotus or the Godhead. Both of these chakras are located in the throne of man.
If this sounds too crazy for many - then that is OK - Just enjoy the passing.
Here's a video from You tube for your enter-tainment:
Enjoy the ride.

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The light headedness is fine. Do not be afraid. When you start feeling this way just imagine that you are stepping back and watching it happen. It cannot harm you. Just watch. When you feel comfortable then continue your explorations. It sounds are though you are having some great meditations. Just be discerning about your experiences and what you do. It is good to understand what can be out there and how to deal with it.
You might want to try some at the websites below.