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Mass awakening and the pineal gland?


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So about a couple of months ago while i was on LSD. I experienced something very strange i was looking up into the cieling and felt like the middle of my forehead was being sucked up. I then noticed a strange looking tunnel that was very vivid (Probably because of the LSD) I then felt a click in the middle of my forehead and it seemed like i was instantly connected to everything and that i was smarter, more creative, and a lot more happy. Ever since ive been researching about awakenings and the pineal gland. From what ive read there is a great change going on from 2011-2012 could this be everyone waking up? Why is it that we will evolve into a more aware human beings at this time. Is the pineal gland truely the seat of the soul and is able to connect us to other dimensions or spirits?
Also I know you dont need LSD to awake. You can become awaken through lots of Meditation and Yoga. Also marijuana helps believe it or not. If you want to do it quickly you can smoke some DMT right after your done tripping if you smoked enough you will be wide AWAKE
Just_Me i wasnt infering that awakenings only happen through drug use. I believe that there really is a mass awakening that is happening wether you take drugs or not. Also LSD, DMT, And thc all come from plants which are natural. So maybe they were put there for a reason to speed up the process?

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Our evolution won't come about because of a drug. It'll come about because of the choices we make where right and wrong is concerned. You're cheating yourself out of experiencing true awakening by zapping out your connections with all this drug use.

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"a great change going on from 2011-2012" - my, that's not vague or anything.
A great change happened in 1963.
Another in 1969.
Then another in 1982.
And 1989.
And 1999.
And 2001.
Then another in 2004, 2005, and 2010.
Each of these years had an historical event that affected humans - but none of these caused the whole race to "awaken".
I would love for someone to explain to me what proof there is that humans will "wake up" en masse in 2011-2012. Why would they, what could cause over 6 billion people to suddenly awaken.

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what u experience was an out of body experience,that happens with any drug even over the counter drugs like DXM aka Robitussin or even heroin and morphine.,it isnt an awakening,its a strong experience and that connection to the universe is called the "Oceanic Feeling" that happens even with MDMA or softer drugs..and that click isnt ur pineal gland,when ur pineal gland activates or starts working u feel a SUPER LOUD pop in the back of ur head and u become extremely aware of life,DMT is nothing compared to what an LSD thumbprint,LSD will open you up like you wouldnt even know it,but in the end its just a drug,i gotta admit that LSD has helped me plenty from experiences and things i saw while trippin but there where other times where nothing happened,everything i saw and experienced was either pointless or irrelevant to my life,also nothing will happen in 2012 or 11,no one is going to be wake up or anything,thats all a theory with retarded claims all connected to a brain organ and DMT,we evolved more in these times because we arent ignorant,we arent putting our faith in a god dat doesnt exist,we arent going around hanging people who disagree with our beliefs,for once in our history we understand how the universe works,but believe it or not,there are some people with in our society that believe the craziest things,like a jewish take over,a nazi government,chem trails,all the bull about DMT and fluoride,and all that crap alex jones talks about...

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well clearly your a drug addict whos under the influence right now, so get off the computer, and let the monkey on your back play for a while

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