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Kundalini rising? have you heard of this?


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So maybe I'm experiencing this, but trying to remain grounded, read so many sites about this and some are quite full on.
Is anyone else having same symptoms as me;
Seeing lights
Meaningful dreams
what feels like the energy running through me and out of my hands
sometimes I feel like my soul is being pulled out of my body, normally with images been shown to me
I don't do yoga, I'm not particularly spiritual, I haven't gone through near death experience, but this has been happening gradually over a few years, so no sudden rush.
I do have an overwhelming feeling of seeing things clearly, that I have an understanding of what life is about and its meaning.
Moods swings, not so nice....
Strange I know, but I do know I'm not mentally ill.
Thanks for any feedback x

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Hi again. Remember me? Yes, I've been through it myself, which is how I could answer your previous question. It's not always the case that it happens to those aiming to raise it; for a minority it simply just happens spontaneously. I used to meditate a lot (though having no specific spirituality) and wasn't aiming for it to rise, but it did of its own accord.
Existence is changing, and in response to that some humans are experiencing a surge in their natural energy power that most of us have. All you can do is go with it, because once it starts rising it just gets stronger until it finds its level, which usually takes about 18 months. In that time you need to come to terms with the fact you're different to other humans. You have a big journey ahead.
Try not to get freaked out even though it's difficult. An essential thing to do is be by yourself as much as you can each day to empty your mind, and to 'be' with the experience. That's why spiritual people go on long retreats while it's happening - it's extremely hard to cope with mundane life/people. Only others who've been through this will understand. Have a look online at experiences of enlightenment, illumination, and transcendence to help you cope.
It is scary. I know that. This is why such a thing as 'Kundalini Psychosis' exists, because if you don't know what's happening to you it can send you temporarily crazy. Just take it easy.

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k, i have the light sparkles too, there almost always in the sky and theres heaps of them - there white and they keep moving in the same direction even when you move your eyes, occasionally their on the walls, cement etc. yep i get the meaningful dreams too. not the pulling away from body sensation - thats different and odd.
Keep in touch maybe we could be penpals!

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Hi! Yep, have experienced the same, as well as a wonderful energy moving up and down my being. The sparkles the skeptics would say has to do with blood sugar; but if your health is fine then what you are likely seeing is the energy that is all around us. We are energy, and we are also in an "energy field". What you may notice is that if you look at a blank wall (for the simplest way, though you can see it regardless if you are used to seeing it), you'll see what looks like the static on a TV (remember the old sets, when you would have a channel not come in and there would be no picture, just the "static" - like speckles/sparkles all over the place). I've seen it as well, have seen it more as of late and my blood sugar is fine! 🙂 Now, has anyone seen "light flashes" with eyes closed, and peripherally when open? I am wondering what that is all about.. (and Skeptics go away, rattle someone elses' cage if you are bored! I have a degree specializing in psychology, am health knowledgeable, AND perfectly healthy so at the moment I am only interested in hearing from the spiritually aware 🙂 )

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