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Is there anyone who has been cheated by Fermin Eucariza of Temple of Taoism ? want to arrest him. he is a con


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Fermin Eucariza , Nelson Eucariza , Marvin Eucariza , Tessie Roque scam

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This person Fermin Eucariza , his wife Dy Siok Hwi , Marvin Eucariza and nelson Eucariza are all scammer and liar.
This person cheated Temple guest and devotee of large amount of money like statue , big incense censer etc.
They also cooperate with Tessie Roque of the NAIA custom so that they do not have to pay for custom fee etc.
Temple of Taoism is also bad as they refuse to entertain people when you have no money to give to them.
They also use Taoist charm and amulet as well as statue of Sam Thai Chi to cheat people. Beware of this scammer and con artist or you will be the next victim okay ?

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This is definitely a defamation of Character. Please specify your self and let us know who you are as we have not stole not cheated anyone of any money.
We are an honest organization and everyone who comes to the temple only gives donations. They are not asked to pay any fee.
Stop hiding behind this website.
We can take it to court if you wish.

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To all people who read this page. this guy or this woman is a hoax. She use fictious name. Why she, Herself don't go to a nearest police station or file a criminal claim that we cheat her. if we are really a scammer and a con artist. Why we still had a devotees people who still trust us. To you Joan Cuties. Pls show yourself . Tell us why are mad at us. I don't think we scam or con you. THis is a non profit Temple. People donate.