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Is there a possible "higher" brain state than just our consciousness?


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Other animals don't have the consciousness that our brains have. We as humans are considered to have evolved the most advanced brain type that we know of, while other animals vary in lesser degree. But is there a possibility that there is something even higher than consciousness? Is it possible, that in thousands of years, our brains will evolve into something beyond just being conscious? Weird question, I know, but I'm in one of those moods.. What do you think?

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I would say if you think we are the smartest, most logical, most conscious and most evolved being in the universe then you really haven't given it much thought. We not long ago prayed to statues believing they were gods the reason for our being, we were no smarter than dogs looking up to us as gods. But with time we gained knowledge and understanding and we grow more as humans. Animals can not do this I would say yes they do have a knowing of themselves and others like a dog knows you are its master and it follows you in order to get what it needs so it knows its place. So I believe weather it is God or alien it is more advanced logically, Creatively and Consciously than we as humans can ever be.
There is a greater being than us but what being that is I do not know.

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there is, if you ask this to some people like those who have seen paranormals. i have never seen one but my belief tells me that there is a high percentage of possibility that there exist a higher brain state rather than humans. when in actuality dolphins has . dog has . whales. depends on the usage of what consciousness as some believe.

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I'm not really sure about the term higher.. It can imply better. Our consciousness is certainly complicated, having all sorts of various facets some of which reflect back on themselves or other facets. It's completely possible, in fact, extremely probable that our consciousness will evolve more complexity which will allow us to view or do things we might not otherwise do.. I.E. as it stands now... Manipulate an object to suit a specific purpose.. etc..
But consciousness however complex should not be confused with awareness. One might imagine our awareness as akin to being aware of a plinko machine, with the puck bouncing off all kinds of various obstacles on it's way down providing for all kinds of seemingly random movement. One might then imagine the awareness of a slug to be akin to the awareness of the puck falling down a narrow chute.. There is much more variance to be had with the puck in the plinko machine due to it's complexity.. But the awareness is the same whether it's of a plinko machine or a chute.. It's still awareness, there is no higher in that sense...

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Tureeyam (Trance): Buddhi center controls this state. It is a
known fact that not all persons can be induced into trance. Women
in general are said to excel in inducing trance, and also to go
into that state easily and deeply. A woman is said to throw her
trance inducing looks into the eyes of a man of her liking, and
Buddhi center of that man goes into Nidra or Sushupti for a
period depending upon the intensity of her looks. It is to be
remembered here that the sense organ which is under the control
of Buddhi center is the eye. Modern science knows that a person
under trance can readily distinguish between two 'identical'
blank sheets of paper - by recognizing minor blemishes or
differences in the grain.
Tureeya Ateeta (Para-trance): This state is known as 'that which
goes beyond trance' or 'that which annihilates trance'. Jnaata
center controls this state. If trance is a female dominated
state, para-trance is a male dominated state. Experiences of this
state happen mostly in men, and that too in a small percentage of
people. Some achievable levels of this state can be experienced
through devotional dance, Dyana (meditation), chanting of
Mantras, and Tapas (austerity). Rare experiences like religious
enlightenment and spiritual visions are examples of this state.
In This center is connected with charisma or personal magnetism
observed in some men.
Ananda (Joy): This is the super-conscious state. The Vedic texts
describe it as Sat-Chit-Ananda (truly felt joy). This is the
timeless and spaceless transcendental state which is variously
known as relaxed alertness, higher awareness, great happiness,
abundant peace, sublime elation, tranquility, serenity, ecstacy
or bliss depending on the level of experience. The Jnaana center
is connected with this state. Superconscious mind [2] is regarded
as the source of much of the inspired writing and speaking. Some
modern western musicians wrote that music is a higher revelation
than wisdom and philosophy. Some ancient Hindu texts wrote that
music transcends all limitations of language and races. It is
known to many of us that babies, animals and even snakes enjoy
listening to music. Poets described that soft music moves the
chord within like a moon beam that tranquillizes the mind, and
acts like an orison. Modern para- psychology knows that crops
give better yields if soft music is played in the fields