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Is it right that there should be jealousy among mediums/lightworkers/Spiritual workers?


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by Kingdiana Jones:

I ask this as I used to have a mentor who introduced me to development circles, Spiritual healing, Evenings of clairvoyance etc. As time wore on within our friendship my intuition told me to be slightly guarded with what he was saying to me teaching etc.
He was a good friend to me but during a pivotal time in my life when I was told the truth about my future and how I was a lightworker by the same person that he first consulted with he changed his tune with me and on a delicate matter said something to someone very close which ended up causing great disharmony.
It would be wrong of me as a medium to discredit another but he used to have great healing energies about him and it was shortly before New Years day he had sent me a text wishing me "Happy New Year" and the energies that came from that text was nothing I thought I would ever feel from him they were negative almost resentful.
And I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

Answer by Amber F
It happens in all fields, don't worry about it.

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Lightworkers are just as human as anyone else. How people interact with each other is often a mirror of themselves. It seems to me that a "happy new year" message is harmless.. The energy associated with it may or may not have been his.......................................

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Sadly, jealousy between human beings is common, and it won't change no matter where you go or where you look. People who are on the very same side as it were, in the same proffession where you imagine they should get on, will suffer from the ill effects of jealousy.
I wouldn't put too much thought into it myself, this seems like one of those things that you'll just have to deal with. Maybe in time things will lighten up. I can't say I've ever had that happen to me before quite like that, if at all really - but I should imagine we just have to go about dealing with it the same way we deal with other kinds of jealousy, outside of religion.

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Hello King
Yes I have seen this also. It shows that the psychic or psychics in question are working from their ego & not from a true spiritual perpective.
You get this in all walks of life, but within this one you do think that it has no place, but it does.
When I was a new psychic I used to feel jealous of others, but I never discredited them, just got frustrated a lot lol.
If we see a trait in others then we have to look for it within ourselves so that we can let it go. Never get caught up in others competition as spirit is individual to every one & also try not to let it put you off your own development.
As a psychic I keep myself to myself, I never move in psychic circles, so to speak. As I have found that we fall into 2 categories - those who you have mentioned & those who simply work with & for spirit. One lot are a pleasure to be around, I will leave you to work out which lot they are 🙂