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is he in love with me? a psychic please help.?


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theres this guy i'm interested in his name is AJ. i dont know if he is attracted to me and if he would want to be with me. he may have found someonelse. when i would see him at his job he would give me attention and be kind to me, like treat me as if i'm special and he would always remember me or ask about me. i have talked to him for awhile and wanted to invite him to my birthday party this week, becuz he is sweet person and he may like more since i thought of him to come to my birthday this week. if anyone is a psychic or medium on yahoo answers please answer my question. i would be very happy if you helped me with my question.

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I can advice you only one professional, who really helped me.

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Yes well you are attracted to him... I will tell you that he is showing some interest towards you... He does find you to be nice person he would like to get to meet. He has been giving you these little hints all along hoping for you to catch on... Blonde hair?
... If you would invite him to your party he would be flattered. It would be a good step so that you two may persue something. As there is attraction on both ends. Remember though that attraction is not everything. So, invitiing him to the party would let you get to know who he really is... He is a nice boy. Just you want to make sure his right for you and not take just what I read off of him for sure. He wants a relationship, but he may not stay single for long. So, invite him to your party and get some alone time with him. Talk... That is what he wants and it would be good for you as well...
If you have anymore questions or want me to read more for you, you can email me with alil more info...
... Hope that helps...

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