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is astral projection typical during a coma?


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During near death experiences many people experience types of astral projection. Is this typical during a coma as well? When the spirit leaves the body to wander. Does anybody have more thoughts on the religious aspects or dangers of astral projection?

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Religiously no, but from a strictly biochemical point of view most of these experiences are likely related to the brain being in a hypoxic state. When the brain begins to die, it manufactures a sort of reduced reality that it can still process information from - thus, religious people will hear voices of the dead or see bright lights, however it is all an internal state of confusion. Astral projection isn't a real phenomenon, and no credible evidence to its existence has been put forth.

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Coma and near death experience are two different things. Operating rooms have test for the people who say that they has an Astral Projection experience and they test them on it. I know people who experienced it and others who developed Physic powers. Some churches say it is the work of the Devil and that is because it is very easy for some people to fear something they know nothing about. There are religions that accept it. Our government tried using it, under a different name, after they found that the Russians were training there people to do it.

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Its possible that one may experience astral projection during a coma....but I'm not certain. If you'd like to learn more about astral projection, then read on.
Astral Projection is very safe, but yes, it can seem a bit scary. When you separate your astral body from your physical body, you will experience sleep paralysis (when you can't move) and you might hear a kind of roaring sound inside your head like a jet engine. But try to tell yourself before you astral project that "its all a part of the process."
If you'd like to learn how to astral project, then read on.
Astral Projection, is when you separate your nonphysical astral body from your physical body. The astral plane or fourth dimension is divided into two halves, the lower fourth and higher fourth. The lower fourth or lower astral is very similar to the physical world, just about a perfect copy of the physical. What you will be observing from the lower fourth is the energy copy of the physical universe. Did you know that people who have learned astral projection well enough have taken trips to other planets, time traveled, etc.? Its true!
Its very important that you never smoke marijuana, drink alcoholic beverages or use mind altering pharmaceutical drugs. When you lie down to go to sleep, just close your eyes and try to imagine a very real place and try to imagine yourself actually physically being there. While you're doing this, repeat 100 times, "I now experience a fully conscious astral projection." Make sure that you don't think about anything else while you're repeating this affirmation before you fall asleep. After about one month, your dreams will become more lucid and within a month or two months, you should eventually project. You must remember to do this mental exercise every single day, seven days a week. Within only seven months, you'll be a master astral projector and you won't have to continue repeating these affirmations. It will just come naturally to you whenever you lose consciousness. You can learn to project your consciousness to distant planets far across the universe or visit many higher nonphysical dimensions. If you learn to use your INNER self (your astral body), you will eventually conquer ALL.
The astral plane is just one of the many dimensions that exist beyond physical matter. The astral plane is the only dimension divided into two halves. There is the lower astral and the higher astral. Beyond that dimension is the 5th dimension, the 6th, 7th, 8th, and on and on.
I myself have never been past the astral plane, which is the 4th dimension. One must be care when trying to make contact with entities and people who live on the astral plane. Most of the inhabitants who live on the astral plane are either deceased humans who're waiting to reincarnate or alien entities. You will also find astral entities (if you like) who are from other physical planets who've died and are waiting to reincarnate. You will also find demonic entities who inhabit the lower fourth dimension and higher ranking demons or Lucifer spirits. It might be advisable to avoid making contact with these entities and other malevolent beings on the astral plane.
Most of the inhabitants on the astral plane are either very weird or very nasty, so be careful.
Did you know that there are dinosaurs on the astral plane?
People who've mastered astral projection will never again have to "reincarnate" and be reborn or born again in this awful world. You will be able to stay within the inner dimensions forever and never have to come back to this stinking planet. This is one reason why I'm personally interested in astral projection. I've done it successfully a number of times.....very real indeed.
Did you know that there is a universal etheric library on the astral plane. The Akashic Records/Etheric Library is a huge record of anything that has ever happened in the history of the universe. If an alien on another planet ever even so much as farted then the akashic records will tell you so. You can learn about forbidden technologies from other worlds if you like, or the real story of Atlantis. HAVE FUN!!
You might want to read:
1.) Adventures Beyond The Body, by William Buhlman
2.) The Secret Of The Soul, by William Buhlman
Other books that are awesome:
3.) Remote Viewing, by Tim Rifat
4.) Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden