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Is astral projection really just the soul trying?


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to leave a corrupt body? I've heard of people accidentally having an out of body experience...can that be because the soul is unhappy with the physical body?
lol...probably. Never did it myself....

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Astral projection is total BS.

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anyone can do it. all it is (astral projection) well all it means is ones soul leaving the body while you are asleep or maybe unconscious. But people do it all the time and do not realize it. if you hear someone saying they woke up and felt like someone was on them and they could not move... most likely as freaky as it sounds maybe there soul had not jumped back in. And sometimes our soul leaves our body just to get a recharge. it doesn't mean anything bad as far as my beliefs go.

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Too bad. You probably could've used that talent last week when you were freezing your butt off. lol
The soul is always unhappy with the physical body. That is the nature of the soul.
You probably just don't remember. When I was recovering from a herniated disk, I would kinda hover just above my body as I slept. It allowed my body to heal more easily and I never needed surgery. You now have the CD that helped me do that. It wasn't on purpose or accident. It just was. I remember looking down on my body one time then being quickly sucked back in when a moth landed on my bare back.
I once had a conversation with the soul of a friend's 8 yr old daughter. She could astral project at will. The friend noticed some odd things happening as the child slept and asked me about them. I told her but really wished I hadn't. Her husband was extremely closed minded. The child told her mom about various experiences such as talking with her grandpa's soul before and after he died. She also watched my breast reduction surgery. She tried to visit me once while I was awake but couldn't get my attention. Actually, I think she tried more times. The time our souls talked I told her that her dad would not like us talking. She would be a teen now. Her mother helped someone else really screw me over. I woory about the kid, The government refers to what she could do as remote viewing. I think I've talked to my grandma a few times. But can't remember most of it.

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