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I'm feeling stressed out. Are there any nontheistic spiritual practices you think might help?


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by Aonghas:

I was thinking of trying Vipassana meditation, but I'm open to any nontheistic suggestions.

Answer by Better than God - AntiHero
Meditate, and think deeply about your life and the things going on in it.

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deep breaths or do something relaxing

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I've not really heard of Vipassana meditation, but was going to suggest meditation anyway. Of any sort, I suppose. I meditate fairly often; its very calming.

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Ummm, well, I have an idea.
Meditating is a good way to make stress go away for a while. Of course, it does take some focus...but instead of meditating on clearing your mind only, do this:
After you clear your mind, take yourself into a place of the beach, or a park. Hear all the sounds, feel the wind, sense what you would sense at such a place. By doing this, you will feel more refreshed when you open your eyes. I know I do. 🙂
It may sound hard, but it isn't really, just imagine a place you already know and love, and it should be easy!
Hope that helps. 🙂

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Do some yoga. Maybe try some sattvic foods. I think that's how you spell that.

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Can you swim, can you run, do you like food or alcohol? (Or both?)
Where do you get your stimulation?
I know that from personal experience, fitness, good food, good wine and good company relieve stress (oh yes, and helping people and asking for nil in return.)
Almost forgot - working hard.

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