If all theese thing...
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If all theese things are wrong( I made a list) with me,then is there hope for a cure?


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All theese mental issues are wrong with me
-Panic/Anxiety attacks
-Mass episodes of horrible depression
-Mood swings
-Mass episodes of feeling drunk or lightheaded for no reason(Basically the opposite of depression,its like ecstacy out of no where)
-Slightly "insane" (Or so others would think)
-Sleep paralysis
-Mind or soul drifting while asleep(As fun as this sounds,something tells me its dangerous and I could end up in a coma)
So what could I do ? I noticed that here is a link between all theese disorders and the nervous system.......Is my nervous system messed up?

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If it's your body, then you will need drugs. If it is your thoughts, then you will need to correct your untruths to truth. There can be some crossover at the beginning..

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I recommend taking regular multivitamins. It eradicate most of the above. Go out for a walk, exercise, treat yourself anything you want, join mission, help cure others in such a way you will be cured. What are your activities daily?

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sounds like me. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD, and BPD.