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I want to know if my Naruto OCs sound like Mary Sues?


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*Mary Sues are characters made by people who can do everything, kill everybody, and also is the love interest of every hot guy in a anime show/manga.
I HATE them so I wanna stay as far from Mary-Sueness as possible.
OC #1: Nayru Hikari:
-Uses dolls to attack. No, not those huge puppets like Sasori or Kankuro, but small little fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand dolls made of cloth and sometimes paper.
-The dolls are mainly used to fight for her but are not strong as a puppet. They CANNOT become human-sized, but can walk around on their own. No aatchments needed. Just her chakra.
-She can also heal people pretty well and is strongest at Taijustsu, weakest at Genjutsu.
Okay, now, OC #2!:
Kaori Ogawa
-Can regenerate parts of her body that have been cut off and has accelerated healing properties. THIS DOESN'T MEAN SHE CAN'T DIE. If she is hit in the heart or head, she can die depending on the wound's severity.
-She can form her nails into knife-like/dart-like weapons.

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sort of but not rly.
it can be alot worse.
the last one does.
nice imagination 🙂

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umm they sound ok. not to bad.

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OC #2, Kaori Ogawa, sounds a little bit Mary-Sue-ish. But that's just my opinion.

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#1's ok.
#2 - the thing with her nails turn into Knife-like/dart-like is Little to alike to what Kimimaro can do with his bones. That's just my opinion.