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I think I have depression. But here's the thing..?


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Im a 15 year old girl. I have been through a lot(please no comments on my age) I spoke to this lady today. and i told her:
-how i hadn't been acting myself lately
-how others were taking notice.
-I was having an extremely difficult time concentrating on the simplest things
-extremely irregular appetite
-excessivly sleeping
-easy tasks had now become hard
-enraged over the smallest things
-constantly feeling like a failure
-feeling worthless
-constantly sad
-anxiety and irratability
-exceptionally sluggish/lack of energy
-not wanting to do things i used to.
-isolate/alienating myself in social situations.
Its effecting my life /ability to perform well in school/being social.
She suggested that i have depression. i had never really thought about it until she suggested it. But now im reallly considering it.
ive been getting advice to go to a doctor about it..
BUT HERE'S THE THING.. I cant ask my mom to take my to the doctor because we dont believe in doctors or medicines doctors give patients. we believe in the whole natural/spiritual/chakra/crystal healing (dont ask, or make any comments on this please). But i dont live with her, so i cant get any healing from her. So my last resort is a doctor. I cant ask my dad because he is trying to gain custody of me (since my parents are divorced) and will take my "depression" to the court, and tell the court that living with my mom is making me depressed (which it is not). (by the way, he thinks im living with my mom, but im living with my grandparents, by choice) I cant ask my grandparents because theyll tell my mom.
Please don't recommend a school counselor because i go to independent study which is homeschooling, or online study.
Any recommendations on my situation or how i could get to a doctor?
or how to find a doctor that can give me a depression screening to see if i have depression or need medication?
and if i do get to see a doctor, what will they do/give me once im there, or once they diagnose me?

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What you are going through is enough to give you depression let alone the restrictions. I would look up any online counselors checking first they have a good reputation via google etc. Perhaps you could join a support group for children of divorced parents, your mother at least may understand that. Good Luck

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Try St. John's wort or can get those at Wally-Mart and don't need a doctor or even be 18. Look them up on line and you will understand them a little better. In Germany St. John's wort is THE remedy for major depression.

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I guess your best bet right now would be to call a doctors office and talk to the receptionist and see if you ahve to be a certain age to go to the doctor by yourself, and explain the situation but that you really need help with this one. If they say no there are hotlines and places you can go to get help without anyone knowing because they are completely confidential. Good luck 🙂

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Believe me you would be better off talking to your mom about all of this. I am guessing the divorce of your parents is the major stress factor in your life that is causing the feelings you describe therefore discussing your problems with your loved ones is the best cure. I am in agreement with your moms natural way of healing, AVOID the drugs, they only mask the problem... for you to get through your depression you need to face the cause !! Medication should be used ONLY as a last resort.

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At the beginning of your question - you said you spoke to a lady and told her all of your symptoms and she said you may have depression. Who is this lady? It seems you trust her - can she be helpful to you or suggest what to do? You need someone close by to help you, not just a bunch of strangers on the internet. You do have depression. Being a parent, I would be devastated if my child was on the internet looking for answers while I was "supposed to be" the one responsible for them. Can you trust one of your parents? You must trust your grandparents - what can they do to HELP the situation? If it's your only option; tell your grandparents you don't feel good; ask them to take you to the dr. (a pediatrician you trust is fine) tell them you'd like to talk to the Dr. alone, and see what you can get as far as help that way. Just tell your grandparents you feel low in energy, and that you can't sleep or eat well. That should do enough to get you a dr. appt. I wish you well. Depression can be fixed. It's temporary, even though you feel hopeless.