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I have some question about auras?


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I just need some questions answered
1. when i see my own aura its not just around my body its like my whole eye sight goes orange. is that normal?
2. I cant see other peoples auras, well its hard to take them seriously while staring at them. any suggestions
3. whats the best place to see someones aura. ( like in daylight? or a certian place in the house)
4. How long should it take for you to see someones aura?
and if you have anything interesting stories/ thoughts to add, please do.
Im not crazy, or on drugs i just want real answers. and if i asked it wrong tell me dont tell me Im on drugs. please and thank you

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Your aura might be orange.
Focus your eyes right above someone's head. Dim light works best.
Do the same focusing right above the tops of the trees when they are green. Broad daylight.

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Dude... If your eye sight goes orange go see a doctor... You might be blowing some capillaries when you concentrate too much...
As for seeing someones aura... Either you have the gift or you don't... If you haven't been able to see someones aura till now you most likely won't be able to do it ever...

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to see anothers persons aura i a beautiful testiment to that individuals state of grace,when a person gets so beautiful that that aura enemates fom them so radientley then you can indeed know that this person lives a very virtious life.,thear should be no color change to the eyes,each person has their own aura,you just have to learn to see it,you can see that aura anytime of the day,you should be able to notice their aura right away.,practice the holy rosary,practice makes perfect,we love you all,the holy family.

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Are you on medication ?
Or are you taking illegal drugs ?
May God bless you as you study His Word
King James Bible