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I can generate some type of energy inside my body?


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Hello, ive noticed this electric feeling i can produce somehow but never payed attention to it. I do it by kind of freesing by breath and concetrating on my heart i really dont know how to explain how i create it, by it seems its more concentrated in my leggs and my stomach. i use to meditate heavily at some point could it be that i unlocked something iam not aware of could it be the chi energy some masters talk about.
Its like i concetrate on my heart and immideatly i start to generate this electric shock feeling in my midle chakra
obliously not al ot of people will understand this subject but if you do chears
Let me add something these last few years theres something changing and i cant tell what it is its like my intuition level is becomg god like i can read people easily i can tell what someones feeling like or what they are going to say

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nice one man. you sound young so that an incredible achievement. loads of people will tell you are imagining it, but they are like the people who didnt beileve gallileo or darwin. IE closed minded. and just not visionaries. but still love them
just keep on exploring that feeling and state of mind, if there is one near you, go to a Buddhist centre. they are not a religion, just deep thinkers and they can point you in the right direction - but be happy and charge the energy with love. ps you might like a book called celestine prophecy X
but to be honest in the western world the best place to begin is Buddhism. you are free to be who ever you want to be as long as cause no harm to any other living being and that is interesting

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No, absolutely not.
Remember that the concept of Chakra is a metaphysical concept, i.e. a religious belief, rather than anything that actually exists. It has different manifestations in different cultures, all completely different, apart from the banal religious belief.
There is also no such thing as chi energy or anything like it.
You would do well to stop and think for a minute: the body has been well-examined for tens of thousands of years, leading to the current state of knowledge of moden medicine, and they have never, ever, found anything that even remotely approximates either the various concepts of chakra or anything the could be mistken for chi. It's all bunkum - a religious belief, and not a reality.
Base your lifew on facts, not fictions.

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to respond to fishywiki yes they have studied the human body for thousands of years but science has tried its best but it cannot explain why we dream and many other things you are too closed minded we have yet to learn many things about the human body, and yes there is something called chi but many people call it many things so it does not have an exact name but there has been scientific research done on it and it is not something you get from religion you get it from meditating and also iv been studying about meditating and if you do not live a secluded life as in alone away from people or at least most of the time people and things around you will become all too much predictable and uh i as well feel some weird energy idk if you or anyone else will believe me or if im just crazy but it envelops me and it feels good have no explanation at all on it though except its maybe something spiritual good to find out someone else feels the same way though but it kinda makes me feel less special lol

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Sounds familiar...tuck away the word "kundalini" in the back of your mind, you may need it one day. I get welling voltage in my heart chakra too. In my legs (head, neck, shoulders and arms) it's more like flowing current and is more gentle and mobile than a shock. During a few months of near-daily meditation sessions it started from an easily dismissible tingle on the back of my lower legs to become something so pronounced that at times it became a strong whole body field. For me, things that set these sensations off include beautiful music, thoughts of love, deliberate focus and listening to binaural beats.
Unfortunately, western authors discussing chi, qigong etc give very little suggestion of it being anything more than a helpful abstract concept. They describe how yoga or tai chi exercises look from the outside using beautiful lavish illustrations, but have nothing to say about any of the internal details you've experienced beyond one vague sentence tucked away somewhere starting "some people say...".
Luckily, there are a few exceptions to this rule. They include Robert Bruce (see "Energy Work" or ) and Mantak Chia ("Awaken healing energy through the tao" and many others), who give book-length treatment to the perception and development of energy flow.

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I trained with what your talking about for a time, I got good at it. I could easily channel energy of some kind in and around my body.I also became more attuned to energy around me. I stared to abandon it when i became almost overwhelming. During meditation i would feel less a Chanel and more of a Conductor of energy. I decided that it was to immense so i slowly backed away from the whole energy thing now reading this article has sparked my interest again.

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Fiction is only fiction until it is proven to be a fact. That is a fairly arrogant and small minded view you express, maybe you should respect others people's right to believe in whatever they choose. After all how many things have been mistaken before? The Earth being flat, the belief that our planet was the centre of the universe, etc
I am a highly scientifically minded person and do not believe in religion, I would like to but until I have seen or read undisputed evidence I cannot. Did you ever wonder why at school in Religous Education they taught you that God created the Earth yet in your next lesson you would study Science and the Big Bang Theory and evolution. Contradiction at its best.
However I to also have this feeling of an energy inside myself, when I am laid still or I concentrate on it I can feel it moving around my entire body and it makes me feel like I am impervious to anything and that I am able to achieve anything. I have no idea what this is or what causes it which is why I am reading these sites and trying to get some background information.

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