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How long does it take to begin lucid dreaming?


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I've started doing some of the components of lucid dreaming: keeping a dream log, doing reality checks periodically, etc. But I was wondering if anybody knows how long I need to keep this up for before my dreams become lucid?

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4 to 6 weeks

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Hey there,
Good progress is achieved in a few weeks.
By your details, it sounds you're on the lane.
Although there are some techniques to make you better remember of your dreams, the first thing you should do, is get relaxed before you fall a sleep and meditate while repeating the sentence "I will remember my dream".
You can also use the mp3 file that is on this site and find more info:
Good luck !

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I started about 3 weeks ago and finally last night had my first real one. Try taking 5-htp, I take some before bed and drink a lot of water so I have to wake up in the middle of the night. After that is when it takes off.

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How long it takes depends upon how effectively you put your dream consciousness into the subconscious mind. The other important element is your sense of awareness about what is going on inside you; here some meditation and mindfulness are helpful. Remember your final goal is to be able to take control of your dream drama, which is right now beyond your conscious control. For more systematic tips you might find the following articles useful.

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