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how high the occurance of ceserean section for chihuahua females?


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Anybody have a chihuahua female that needed a c-section to deliver pups? How often or the odds that a chi will need a c-section to safely deliver. How many pups in average Chi litter? Born live? Considering breeding my chi female in a year- want to know risks and expenses,compared to other breeds.All my dogs &cats are spayed or neutered( dont need to add to unfortunate overpopulation !) but have had Sooooo many requests for a little one just like Sadie...3lb. long-hair chihuahua - really not in this for profit,always place pets in homes responsibly-just want to know expense and risk.Sadie has an unusually sweet and loving(intelligent people-pleaser !) temperment for a little one.Excelling in obedience and rally ( just for fun activity) to keep her active and channel that energy!
Sadie was another rescue that has really blossomed !

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First, if she is 3 pounds - I would think twice. You will need a competent 2 1/2 pound male. You may be able to avoid a c-section if you have mid-wifed before. If you don't need a c-section, chances are that you will have to "pull" the puppies. This is dangerous for Sadie and will be nervewracking for you. Things MAY go OK IF Sadie doesn't suffer from maternal exhaustion - common in chihuahuas. If you don't have the proper meds on hand prescibed by your vet such as oxytocin - you would then have to go to the vet to have labor restarted or strngthened. My vet says he asks people which is more important - the mom - or the puppies and says he will sacrifice accordingly. When we got into a situation such as this he was surprised that I told him to let the puppies die as the little girl was my pet. Most people who breed these tiny dogs - according to my vet ask him to sacrifice the mom. My little 4 pound girl has since been spayed. But yes, there is money to be made breeding a dog that small.

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The tiny breeds often have difficulty delivering. C-section pups are just as healthy as any other pup born naturally. Breeding is as you already know insult to injury as the animal overpopulation in this country is staggering. This is often hard to realize when you are living in your own small corner of the world. If you do breed your dog, be sure the male is not much larger than her or you will have a much higher chance of a difficult delivery

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Litter size: 2-8
Born Live: 0-8
Cost of emergency c-section - ~$1000
First, your dog is too small for the ideal breeding female. It could be deadly to breed her, even *if* the pups were to survive to term.
Breeding dogs simply to create more pets, even if it's at the request of others, is still unethical and violates the guidelines of the AKC and the ethics of the Chihuahua Club of America. Dogs should only be bred to improve the breed, not to create more pets.
If you don't know the answers to the VERY basic questions, and don't know where to look other than yahoo answers, then I strongly urge you to get your little one spayed. Yes, all breeders need to start somewhere, but good breeders start by showing their dogs and learning from experienced, responsible breeders.
Has your pup been screened for patella problems? If not, then this needs to be done before you even consider breeding. She also needs to be screened for other genetic problems, and if she has any of them, then she needs to be fixed right away. Her direct family also needs to be screened - this typically means 3-5 generations must be free & clear of defects. If you don't have access to these records or they don't come back clean, then your girl needs to be spayed.
There are also loads of problems like Molera and Hypoglycemia that you would also have to be prepared for, should you decide to reject the ethical codes and go ahead with breeding.
You need to get in touch with a responsible breeder and have them talk to you about this.
If your friends want little chis, tell them to visit and to rescue one. There are PLENTY of them out there.
I really urge you to get your dog fixed. You mention overpopulation and wanting to not contribute to it, but by breeding a pet quality "rescue" dog, you are contributing to it incredibly. Was this a personal rescue? Because there are very few, if any, rescue groups that allow and unaltered dog to reamin unaltered - much less to be bred.
I'll give you some links to help guide you. These are NOT anti-breeding sites, but rather informational sites to help teach people about breeding responsibly.
Good luck to you.
Chihuahua breeder:
AKC Guidelines:
General Information:
Different breed, but GREAT breeding info:

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usually one or two pups at most and because the pups are big and the mom is so small.

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My little 4 lb chihuahua 9 month old is 6 weeks pregnant by her 4lb brother. I bought her this way not knowing. I have read alot about this and it has only scared me more. Please tell me your thought on my situation.

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