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How does sexual rules and taboo fit into the history and folklore of the succubus?


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I'm writing an essay on the history of the succubus. Do you guys know any good websites on HOW it was created and WHY, also where... 🙂

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According to Preformationist thinking, male semen contained a homunculus;- a human being complete in every respect. The woman was just the earth in which this seed grew (women are referred to as 'tilth' in the Koran).
There are still elements of this in popular speech. Spunk originally meant 'spark', and refers to the homunculus as containing the vital spark which makes life possible. (Look up spunkbox in a dictionary, you will be surprised).
Since the homunculus was a complete human being, then it was obvious that a demon could take the lifeforce from homunculi, and derive vital energy from that. (The Biblical demon Moloch fed on child sacrifices, this is the same fundamental idea).
Once one identifies nocturnal emissions as a source of life-energy, a belief in succubi is almost inevitable.
If you believe in succubi, that also explains the irresistibly vivid women one sees in a wet dream.
It is a load of hooey - but then, religion usually is.

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In many religions it is believed that eve was NOT the intended mother of humans. In fact it was Lilith. Stories say that Lilith made Adam angry due to her refusal to be dominated during intercourse. God banished her and made her the first demon. This made Lilith furious. She was cursed to be forever ugly.
Legend says that she tempted the humans to join her with her passion and ability to elude the human mind with her fancy tricks. She created the incubi and succubi to do her bidding. As it was a sin to lust these creatures prayed on the humans. They made the humans lust and while inter curse took place the incubi and succubi drained the life from their victim damning them to hell.
Incubi and succubi have been around for centuries according to legends. They rape the opposite sex or the succubi lay on top of a human girl while she is having intercourse in order to become pregnant.
Incubi and succubi are plural for incubus and succubus for those that don't know.

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In a more practical answer, from what I have read various cultures had their own versions of incubus and Succubi. As for what purpose they served, At a time when virginity was prized for females, a girl could get in a lot of trouble for not being a virgin, if however she was attacked by Incubus then of course it was a demon and supposedly it was not her fault. As for Succubi most experts think that they started as an explanation for young boys nocturnal emissions or wet dreams.
There is a lot of folklore and legend attached to them but anthropologists look to reasons behind things not myths

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