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How do you know when your lucid dreaming?


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I know the steps to take to start lucid dreaming.
But how do you know when you are officially Lucid dreaming?
compared to say..just imagining
like a day dream

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Many ways!
Try doing a reality check; Try plugging your nose, if you can breath through your fingers, guess what? You dreaming! 'o' lol...
Otherwise, (another reality check) try putting your finger through your palm. Try walking through a mirror; It takes you to an endless dreamworld! My personal favorite is a land of unicorns! For real!!
Any-way, Try doing basically anything impossible in real life...
Here is a real helpful site...

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trust me if you never had a lucid dream you will know your first time having one.. you become consciously aware of things around you and have that sudden realization its just a dream.. you might get too excited and wake up, thats what usually happens alot your first time. I've had lucid dreams that i couldnt tell if it was reality or a dream so i would try to float or fly, usually i would be somewhere in the street when i become lucid, and to find out if im dreaming i would walk up to a neighbor or dream character and interact with them...dream characters usually give it away for me.

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check out the articles on lucid dreaming at
We cover this topic in detail. With plenty of tips!