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How do you do zen meditation ? I get relaxed and pay attention to whatever is happening around me like?


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sounds of bird chirping , noise from outside traffic in other words I listen to whatever is happening around me and allow my mind to think but I dont pay any attention to thoughts , I try not to get involve with them, I let them be, it's very difficult but sometimes I can achieve no mind or stillness within me but lasts for few seconds and again I catch myself thinking and at times I try to watch my breathing also.
is this the correct form of zen meditation.

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Google zazen
sit in reverse lotus,half lotus, or full lotus.Sit against a wall and try not to think.Count the second you do not think and start over when you think.

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No. Any meditation allows you to just accept these outside noises and allows them to flow over you without conciousness of them.
Keep trying. Read more and you'll soon find out how to empty your mind of clutter even in the busiest of environments.
I seldom sit and meditate these days. Once you master it you can achieve an almost constant state of inner calm. It's worth pursuing. Don't give up.

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In Tao, meditation is when you are one with Nature, when you are distracted from your usual thoughts of time and Self. You can do things and meditate at the same time, as when you are so engaged in something that you are not aware of time passing by. There is no mystery.

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I ride a ten-speed bicycle "no hands" while playing guitar at the same time. I have done this tens of thousands of miles since the early 1980s. It is a meditation in motion. By sitting straight up instead of hunched over the handlebars, I can more easily turn my head to keep track of what is going on around me. My body goes on autopilot keeping me balanced and my mind is full of the music coming from my heart through my fingers to the guitar.
I didn't realize it was a form of meditation or yoga when I started doing this thirty years ago. I just did it. Now that I am older I realize what is going on, but I don't think about it while doing it.

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Your question is "What is the correct FORM of ZEN meditation."
There are many schools of zen. Commonly we're thinking about soto zen, the everyday goal of which is to live fully in the present.
The "practice time" involves sitting in any posture that you like--as long as the spine is straight and relaxed, alert and not obstructing the breathing--and tend to the breath. In the beginning you may need to count from 1 to 10, because it's the nature of our attention to wander around. When you lose count, go back to one and start over.
The space between each count: you can either ground your attention by bringing it back to sensations, e.g. the touching hands or the buttocks touching the cushion, or you can just observe whatever fills in during that moment, which can be distractive. Mainly try to ground it without too much control, eventually letting go of control and simply observe. Like training a horse.
You bring this mindful attention to your everyday life off the cushion. If you're practicing zen, there's no distinction between cushion time and "real life": it's all one thing called "living."
Reason you practice: not just to freeze your mind to emptiness. Every time you sit down to observe yourself, you're still enough, concentrated enough, to learn something about yourself. It's a self-learning process. More importantly, the calm you gain here will help you deal with everyday life, e.g. when somebody is yelling at you and, instead of reacting, you have that space to choose your response.

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