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How do I consciously evolve my frame of reference daily?


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Consciously, I see my life advancing. I see things shifting, morphing, and changing into new things and as a human I feel daily I enter new levels of existence over certain periods of time I could have never gotten to with out going through those other levels. Sometimes I get pushed back or forward a level and sometimes I leap a level... metaphorically speaking.
Currently in my life, if I want to take something further, or cut off a dead end relationship towards a person or object or thing (ganja included, or excluded I haven't decided yet.)
Uh, So like, how do I continue evolving my consciousness and getting into new and higher realms of existences more quickly, subtly, and enjoyably so I can continue and get to higher levels than I otherwise would have ever knew existed.
PS. I'm vegan, I love to skateboard and want to become pro in my lifetime if possible, I was going to college for fine arts studio but stopped and since then feel like my artwork isn't quite the same as when I was a senior in high school or a freshman in college. I used to love to cook but stopped and want to get back into it, I want to read more than I have been (finally finished a book in a week or less for the first time in a long time woot!) I want to write my own book (link me to instructions how and I'll be happy or give me good advice for that and plus stars!) and well, Since stars have no value... I guess just like help how ever you can and think I may use the help and remember anything you write to me will evolve my consciousness whether it be negative or positive or nonsense or perfect crystal clear sense, my consciousness is evolving whether you like it or not 😛
Anyway, thanks, I like turtles, and if you know of any cool chakra/ kundalini / yoga / meditation / vegan food / skateboarding / acupuncture (I visit an acupuncturist weekly ) / holistic practitioners (looking for a veg friendly dentist and doctor) / anything that can evolve my consciousness or change me for the better or open my eyes to new parts of life I have been closed off to (THAT MEANS ANYTHING AT ALL!)
If you have come to my question, thanks so much for being here, 1000 thank yous just for reading this, and I'll be excited to see some answers 😀
~ Mike AKA I like turtles

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Evolution is a lie!

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Your 1000 thanks acknowledged.

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Every experience we have is perfectly planned to teach us greater love and wisdom. When you surrender to that, your vision will become clearer and deeper. Trust the voice within is also taking you on the path to overcome all fear, for love can only blossom when fear has no place in your mind.
You might like to read Thich Nhat Hahn..Living Buddha, Living Christ gives his metnhod of meditation and explores the two religions. I like tutles, too.

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There is something that leaps out from what you've written, but I think it's better if you find out yourself. And some very basic meditation exercise will help.
And the way I would suggest is at night at a time that feels right hold the question of what you should focus on ext and then just spend a few minutes looking at the stars without expectation.
And in the day at a time of your choosing hold the question and lie on the ground and feel it for a short while, and then stand up straight and think of the earth below and the skies above and correspondingly the past and the future. Just as a pure thought of that, without details as if fixing in the arrow of time.
And then in the evenings some quiet simple relaxation meditation. And there is a good example from a guy that has contributed on yahoo answers quite often
for now.
And let the right answer come in it's own time. And I think you'll recognise that you already knew where to go next and can trust yourself on it.