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How do hinduism,buddjosm,taoism confucianism.judaism christianity and islam respond to these questions?


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Hinduism,Buddhism,Confucianism, Judaism,Christianity and Islam view human nature and salvation?

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1)...Why are we created?
Answer: To worship your creator:
>>>>>>We are created to fellowship God in a true spirit of rightousness and holiness.....God can only fellowship us on HIS terms of true rightousness and true holiness
2)...why do I have to pay for someone else’s sins?
: In Islam each one will be held accountable for whatever good or what ever bad they have done. No one carries the burden of anyone ells.
.>>>>>>YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYONES SINS..... but God in the old testament made very plain His desire that sin and sins be atoned for by way of sacrifical offering on the brazen alter, the laver, the golden alter : each offering was symbolic of a spiritual cleansing and regeneration of our soul...therefore the old testament sin offerings rituals pointed clearly to a need to bridge the gap of sinful man to a holy God, so that man and God may once again have that divine sweet fellowship of true rightousness and true holiness that only comes from a divine source.
Now because all mankind are sinners then no one man born from a women and a man could be that spotless and pure offering to atone for sin.....there has to be a payment for sin because then divine justice is upheld as holy ....dont you see?....all wrongs have to be corrected by God alone and God had to find a way to correct the problem of sin and God could not use man born fom a women and a man ie: mankind because they are defiled as sinners, God BEGET HIS ONLY SON, by the "overshadowing of the Holy Spirit" through the virgin Mary to concieve Jesus....or
God incarnate ...for the express purposes that Jesus who was not a sinner would pay the penalty of sin so that Divine justice could uphold all of truth and rightousness that mankind has defiled...therefore truth and Justice are satisfied at the payment and correction.
.The benifit to humans is that God Himself has paid the price for sin and that IF we believe in the work that God did through His only Son then our guilty conscience can be cleared of all PAST SINS and by the power of Gods deliverance of a guilty conscience we are then able to recieve Gods Spirit in a divine fellowship of true rightousness and true holiness..........we can then have power over all temptation so that in our minds we may in reality serve God in the law of rightousness : of what the law demands , and further our whole spirit can be cleansed entirely in holiness to be wholly sanctified by the Holy Ghost. This is true salvation. This is a work of God in the one who believes GODS REPORT....Gods report is found in the old testament showing these things in type and shadows spiritually speaking of good things to come.....Good things came when Jesus died and rose from the dead, therefore christian is the fulfillment of what the law could not do in that the law only condemned sin and sinfulness and showed the way of deliverance through ritual offerings but Christ was the offering pure and holy thus completing the law and allowing the one who could recieve this truth access to the holy places in thier soul.
.3)....Does my creator have a son and is this son also the creator?
Answer: No your creator has no human attributes, he is not created, and there is non co-equal or comparable unto him.
.>>>>>>>YES God has a Son....................Listen to this logic:....God is One...God is A Spirit....but God can manifest Himself however He chooses...we know Muhammad did not believe this but he was wrong....Listen God manifested Himself to Moses as a burning bush, and not only that but God spoke through that burning bush.....speaking audible IS A human characteristic.......THE QUR'AN has this story too...though personally i do not accept the qur'an as a revelation from God but for your sake mention if God was pleased to in-carnate Himself as a plant, a plant on fire that would not be burnt up...(showing divine presence) and then actually talk to it hard for you to understand that the old testament has a different view than you? or your understanding through Muhammad that these things can not be so? God can do whatever He wants....CHRISTIANS BELIEVE THAT GOD MANIFESTS HIMSELF AS A FATHER, A SON AND A HOLY GHOST BUT GOD IS ONE NOT times one times one equals ONE......
another example is that even though ice water and gas have different forms they are all the same substance and can all co-exist at one tempterature.....but spiritually we do not need math or science to prove the reality of the Godhead but we have a more sure testimony....Gods Word by revelation OLD TESTAMENT AND NEW ....Did not God say in the beginning....Let US create man......does not the prophets in Old testament say that the messiah shall be called "Emmanual"...which being interpeted means God with us.....
The fact is that islams qur'an is false

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Buddhism is from Buddha, who was from India, making him Hindu.
According to Hindus, good works can stop reincarnation.
Confucianism came from Confucius, who believed in ShangDi (Chinese version of God).
Christianity has Jesus saying He's the only Way, Truth, and Life.
According to Muhammad, Islamic principles must be followed to be saved.

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Islamic perspective:
*** Human nature:
Human has equal capabilities of good and evil... however, he was provided the brain, heart and a guide from Allah (Quran and Sunna) so that one can differentiate between righteous and evil.
its his choice though to be good or bad, so he is rewarded for being good, and punished for being evil.
Human is composed of body and soul, body has desires and soul has needs. Most often, body desires, such as money and sex lead to evil and fulfilling soul needs lead to pure mind and heart and to good to others, so that soul should control the body and not the contrary way..
Again, it is ones responsibility to achieve balance between the two..
But Islam's instructions help to control body needs and direct them in a good way to fulfilling them without disturbing other individuals, society or universe's balance.
" By Nafs (a person or a soul), and Him Who perfected him in proportion;
Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him. Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self (i.e. obeys and performs all that Allâh ordered, by following the true Faith of Islâmic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds).
And indeed he fails who corrupts his own self (i.e. disobeys what Allâh has ordered by rejecting the true Faith of Islâmic Monotheism or by following polytheism or by doing every kind of evil wicked deeds)."
the above verses show the answer:
Who purifies his/her soul by following the instructions of Islam will get salvated

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human nature- we are all inclined to material things. we have somethign and we always want more and more and more of it. the realized knwo that material things like money and clothing are very temporary. inthe bhagvad gita it syas "what today is you, will be someone else's tommorow." Hinduism says that we should get awy from these material attachtments and instead do things to help society )Sewa- voluntering) or something else thats useful
Salvation- attained through good deeds. once ur karma is clean and you've done good deeds and gET AWAY FROM THOSE MATERIAL CRAVINGS (human nature)- you'll atain salvation.

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Human nature in Islam goes like this.
God created the first man Adam. Then He created Eve.
God created us for the sole purpose to order us to worship Him, the Owner of all things.
God sent Prophets throughout the history of mankind starting with Prophet Adam.
All Prophets taught the same Belief, the same Religion which is Islam.
It does not make any sense for saying God sent Prophets that had different beliefs.
We are all accountable for our own actions or sins. Christianity on the other hand claim that Jesus died for our sins. Thats not right to say. would it be fair to claim that God killed Jesus because of my Sins? Would you be a fair person to punish your daughter because of your sons mistakes? No, and certainly God is just and fair. God does not need to kill in order to forgive sins. God orders for something to be and it is.
We cannot have come by accident. We did not create ourselves. We did not put ourselves into a state of existance from a state of non-existance.
Did you say in your mothers womb that you will be born on such and such day, specify for urself yur haircolor eye color, ur fingerprints? No. Impossible.
Christians say that only through Jesus there’s salvation, but to show you that it’s not true, the fact that the nations before Jesus, there was believers who believed in God although they did not believe in Jesus because he was not born yet. So the claim that Jesus said salvation is only through me would render the nations before Jesus disbelievers; thus dwell in hell! but that's only because people misquoted Jesus in the bible.
All Messengers were Prophets but not all Prophets were Messengers. A Messenger is a Prophet that came with a new Law to be followed. Prophet Jesus came with the original Bible. The Messenger before Him was Prophet Moses. He came with the original Torah. But that Torah was abrogated by The Law of Jesus which again was the Bible. So the believers at the time of Jesus would utter the testification of faith by saying 'no God but God and Jesus is the Messenger of God' while believing in all of the Prophets before Him. A Prophet who is not a Messenger ruled with the Law of the previous Messenger. Prophet Solomon was a Prophet who ruled with the Law of Moses.
God sent different Messengers with new Laws because these new Laws were more suitable for the time.
So the Law of Jesus was abrogated by the final Messenger who is Prophet Muhammad. So to be a believer today one would utter 'There is no God but God and Muhammad is His Messenger' while believing in all of the Prophets before Him.
So salvation is believing in God correctly and also His Prophets. Believing in what the Prophets that God sent to us for our own benefit. God does not benefit from our worship nor is He hurt by our blasphemy. God sent Prophets to teach us whats right from wrong, about Paradise and hell.
This is Salvation for you.