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How do chakras work?


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How do you know when a chakra is cleansed and when it is blocked.
When i feel emotionally hurt i noticed that the heart and solar plexe chakras were stimulated. So later if i meditated or somehow cleansed thesed chakras would i feel that pain gone form those areas.
Is this how it works?

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Chakras are your natural energy centers. You 'clean' them by allowing them to flow freely. They're not really 'dirty,' so much as blocked by our every day stresses. Meditation is one of the best tools, but so is exercise.

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I'm just a novice who hasn't got as far as Yoga and Kundalini Shakti yet, though I know what they are.
I did a Google search to try and help you and have given you some links that might be helpful below.
I think the Chakra Test, which is the last link is what you want.
All the best.

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Meditation defrags the brain, much as sleep does. The areas you describe in your body have more to do with the adrenal gland.
Chakras are a belief, not a fact.

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whenever there is a disturbance in the body-mind system, the chakras get affected. uneaseness, suppressed emotions, worries have an effect on them. working on the mind, living in the present moment consciously, without letting resentment and fear rule life is the best practise to heal the chakras... also,many methods to cleanse them...
some meditaion techniques can eb found here:
here are some facts about the chakras, hope it helps 🙂
1st chakra: Muladhara chakra, root chakra, colour: red, at the bottom of the spine, quality: trust in life, security, standing in life with both feet, feeling of being at home here, being "rooted".
when it is not whole, when something is missing, then it turns into insecurity, one perceives something is missing, one isn't complete and some greed arises to have something in order to fulfill the need. often it is sex that one greeds for, or success, in order to feel whole (in truth it is love that is missing, security from within).
2nd chakra: Svadishtana chakra, navel chakra, two fingers breadth below the navel, colour: warm orange, quality: trust, confidence, openness, devotion, letting go, being relaxed, feeling at ease, feeling fulfilled, motherly warmth, true knowledge and wisdom, the center, absolutely centered, one with creation.
when something is missing: fear comes up. one thinks one stands alone, the whole world, all the people around you are enemies, your life isn't safe, being paralysed from fear, losing the will to live, when connection with the center apparently seems to be cut.
3rd chakra: Manipura Chakra, Solarplexus chakra, between navel and heart, colour: sun yelllow, quality: power, strength, sun energy, being a leader, inner strength, power of wisdom, resonsible, inner peace, peace center
when something is lacking: anger, helplessness
4th chakra: Anahata Chakra, heart chakra, in the middle of the chest, colour: light green/ rose, quality: unconditional love, healing, fulfillment.
when it is not fullfilled, attention need, loneliness
when it is perceived that one is alone, one doesn't get love from the outside (which means the inability of loving oneself, letting in the love because of the belief: i am worthless, i am unlovable etc.) one craves for attention and love. utter loneliness. disconnection from the whole.
5th chakra: Vishudda Chakra, Throat chakra, throat, colour: light blue, quality: visualization, manifestation, creativity, the truth of the spoken word, creation, integrity.
when it is lacking: envy, jealousy.
one perceives the need of love, the need of attention, but one does't talk about it, and so one looks for other people, compares them to oneself and comes out inferior, one projects all one's needs on them and envies them, feels jealous, instead of verbalizing the need, one gets autoaggressive.
6th Chakra: Ajna chakra, 3rd eye Chakra, dark blue, indigo, qualities: perception, inspiration, clairvoyance, omniscience
when it is not open: ego, arrogance, one perceives oneself as a singele "i", a single self, as an island, identifies with the body and mind and restraints oneself to this. so in order to not get lost in the world, one builds up a big ego to impress thers, to show them how strong one is, hoping they will respect you and not harm you. one is so deluded that one clings to the ego as the only thing that gives security and builds ones world around this imagined center.
7th Chakra: Svadishtana Chakra, crown, chakra, top of the head, colour: purple/ white, quality: divine source, divine connection, oneness, divine mind, unified
lacking: utter discontentment, feeling unfulfilled, the essence of the being is missing, so one starts again at 1st chakra, falsely believing one can fill the hole of the need for self- realization with material things, success, sex or other things...