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How can I hallucinate with meditation?


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I meditate from time to time and I don't want to do illegal things, but I've heard of people tripping off of meditation, so can anyone give me a link to like a website telling me how to do so? Plz help me.

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look up where to buy salvia, it does just that
legal in most states
the high you get is only accessible otherwise through meditation

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In his books, he consistently says that meditation must be combined with sleepiness.
In this line of teachings drugs, even "legal," are hightly discouraged. It's a matter of awakening where you're able to see and experience enhanced states of consciousness.
Here, the author answers some questions about meditation:
I believe you are in search of the illuminating void.
Good luck to you.

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I've meditated daily for years, and the closest I have come to that....doesn't come close to that - it gets easier to slip into a bliss like state - but its very aware - and not altered at all....nothing like drugs
There aren't any short cuts to genuine bliss

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To reach eternal blizz / enlightenment, you have to keep at it, practice meditation. You can reach this state of consciousness with different techniques. Here is a easy and powefull meditation:
1. Zen meditation allows the mind to relax, please follow theses easy instructions. Sit on the forward third of a chair or a cushion on the floor.
2. Arrange your legs in a position you can maintain comfortably. In the half-lotus position, place your right leg on your left thigh. In the full lotus position, put your feet on opposite thighs. You may also sit simply with your legs tucked in close to your body, but be sure that your weight is distributed on three points: both of your knees on the ground and your buttocks on the round cushion. On a chair, keep your knees apart about the width of your shoulders, feet firmly planted on the floor.
3. Take a deep breath, exhale fully, and take another deep breath, exhaling fully.
4. With proper physical posture, your breathing will flow naturally into your lower abdomen. Breathe naturally, without judgement or trying to breathe a certain way.
5. Keep your attention on your breath whilst practicing this zen meditation. When your attention wanders, bring it back to the breath again and again – as many times as necessary! Remain as still as possible, following your breath and returning to it whenever thoughts arise.
6. Be fully, vitally present with yourself. Simply do your very best. At the end of your sitting period, gently swing your body from right to left in increasing arcs. Stretch out your legs, and be sure they have feeling before standing.
7. Practice easy Zen meditation every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes (or longer) and you will discover for yourself the treasure house of the timeless life of zazen – your very life itself.
Good Luck..