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How is this physiologically possible?


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I met a Chi Master who put chi in me. He brings air into the diaphragm and compresses it, then exhales and moves the air through his arm into an object. He says he transfers the energy through vibration. He hit me and I felt air swimming around in my chest. How is it possible to put air through the impermeable membrane of the skin, and how is it possible to put oxygen through the veins? Please help; this is the absolute truth and I am looking for scientific answers.

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sometimes the mind can make your body feel what someone says if going to happen, like air in the lungs in your case.
also in this case if he hit you in the stomach, you were probably winded making you feel that.
hope that helped

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physiologically - impossible!
psycologically - mmmm, could be!
You are a victim of the power of suggestion. If you felt anything real, it was just muscle contractions in your stomach. The power of suggestion is widely used in non-western societies. Most "healers" use a combination of their knowledge of native herbs together with a good bit of theatrical special effects. Besides all this, there might have been pressure points he knew to strike which would set up involutary muscle contractions in either your stomach or chest. Ordinary western doctors do this when they strike your knee with a small hammer. They are checking to see that certain nerve pathways function as they ought to.
I suggest you respect your master, but be aware of the fact there is going to be as much showmanship as geniune knowledge. However, if your mentor continues to preform meaningless stunts, he may be nothing more than a fraud.

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It isn't
Neither of the effects you describe are known to be possible according to the principles of physics or medicine. The way you personally feel about the results of a particular procedure are as much a function of expectation and belief as they are of science. The event you describe is about as far from a controlled experiment as one can get......
Much more is NOT known about 'chi' than IS known. See the link below and 'Traditional Chinese medicine' section