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How can the rose quartz stone help manifest true love?


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Hi i have a rse quartz stone, and ive been having it for some time now, i dont know how it works, when it works, or what to do with it, except for that its claimed to manifest true love and open up your heart chakra and what not, now manifesting true love is something ive never had and would give up almost anything for, but if this rock is capable of the energy to bring that, than can someone tell me what ever i need to know and what to do in order for this stone to manifest my true love, thanks and god bless....

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Although I know nothing about this topic, I could not leave you with no choice but the kind of rude one given, so take a look here
The first link seems to give some advice and others
also try prayer, self fulfilling prophecy (law of attraction), loving yourself, and putting yourself in places where you can meet decent people.
Even if you never find it, remember it is better to give than to receive..even if we do not find our mate, we can always be kind to and love others and this can bring us joy.
edit--no point in being rude D__e
I am the only one that actually tried to answer what he asked giving him links explaining how to use the crystal which is what he asked. I also gave other recommendations in a kind way to try to help him with the problem and I hope he will see that when picking a best answer that I did not try to put him down no matter how kindly for his beliefs but did try to both help, answer his question and offer other suggestions without calling his faith into question and telling him he may be sinning. .
Also while I personally do not know much about crystals nor use them, how does the one person know that God did not create these gemstones with other purposes than the ones we currently are aware of..who knows what discoveries might happen in the future.
We do know that God (and my personal belief is also in the christian God) invented so many things in nature with multiple purposes and effects on health.
Herbs have properties to heal many diverse illnesses with a single herb.
The body is made to be self healing if we do the right things and stop doing the wrong things.
Foods and plants have many effects on health nutrients, and phytochemicals and produce more oxygen.
The sun affects when we sleep and our health in many ways.
Even things like the softness of a baby's skin encourages a person to stroke it and we now know infants will die or not thrive if touch deprived.
Love will produce feel good chemicals and so and on it goes.
Magnetic rocks have been shown to help pain so how you you know that like other things e made with multiple purposes, these rocks have not been designed by god for other uses and say that God does not approve of them.
It is because you do not believe in them and think it is like witchcraft or sorcery or idolatry or things along that line all stemming from a lack of belief personally for no where in his word to my knowledge does he say this belief is sin.
I am not really a believer in this either, but am not closed to the fac that they may have properties for affecting things that we yet do not know or understand.
Often traditional use of something historically leads to one day showing things do work like herbs for instance. It may be that they do not have any properties beyond just being or to use for jewelry etc or it may be we just do not know everything about everything
they may or may not have properties for the use of man extending in various ways both used and not used that god made them for.
To say God is against them when he says this nowhere in His word is really just assuming. With all due respect to that poster who said these things. Just adding my opinions on this.
As far as the law of attraction, I am not sure here either but I do know the self fulfilling prophecy does seem to have some effect as I always used for decades and really believe it that "I never get sick" and you know I never did...but I always say "I am so depressed" or "life is awful" and you know that is pretty much what I am getting--depression and a hard life.
I am not yet to the point of believing otherwise as belief is tied into the law of attraction to thinking and believing life is wonderful and I am so happy to see if that changes anything. but I did have one stretch recently of 6 months where I started thinking life was pretty good and there is hope and things did seem to start going better till I messed it up and reverted back to my old ways so I am not willing to say this is all just a money maker for authors.
We do not know how God set things up and for all our advancement and current knowledge must admit there is still a lot we do not know.
I do know the body is electrical and the atoms attract/repel and so forth so how do we know God did not write some law into the universe as he says we are what we think and reminds us to not fear, be unhappy, not trust, not hope, not believe...but says whatever we ask for in his name it shall be given to us. It may be we experience what we believe as far as emotions or that the two act on each other for he know good feelings lead to better health and bad to worst as do we. I cannot say He did not make some unwritten law of attraction.
I must say I am not quite sure at this point. Being open to the possibilities of the creative power of god is something one must not forget when discussing him.
He tells us the knowledge of men is foolishness to god and certainly, there are many laws, we are discovering, have discovered or will discover.
We never will know it all.
2nd was surely not my intention to upset anyone either especially you as I like your answers.
When you said ",if its the Christian God that you believe in,that Crystals aren't really compatible with that.", I guess I felt that was saying that God was against people using crystals to heal or that one who believed thus was not in God's favor. This seemed to imply to me that you thought of it as a type of idolatry or sorcery or witchcraft etc (can't think of the right word and I was saying no where does he say this so it was a type of assumption based on what you believe but not really verified by his word to my knowledge.
I was also saying just cause most think they have no power, there is a possibility that they do have more to them than we currently realize as so many other things He made we later find have uses we did not suspect or know etc.
Personally, I am not really a believer in gem therapy at all but I have done little study into it and am not ruling out they may have some uses we do not know yet as God has an astonishing mind paying attention to the smallest detail and using laws we have yet to discover and thus we may not realize a use of something he created.
And yes, I agree that assigning belief may bring into power the power of the mind that is unrelated to the crystal or maybe has a type of placebo effect or a co-incidence happens around that time say they meet the perfect women and assign that happening because of the crystal and not just something that happened regardless.
If I have wrongly assumed you were saying believing in crystal was against or incompatible with belief in god from what you stated, I am sorry. Thank you for clearing that up but that is just how I interpreted that statement which I hope you can see might lead one to believe that is what you meant, Still I do apologize for saying that i it was not what you meant or implied.
I don't want to hurt anyone by my words as I am not like that. I don't recall all that before the edit being in your original answer but maybe I missed some of it. So you say in the edit it is because one is assigning magical powers and that is wrong and that is kind of what I was saying when I tried to mention it being likened to sorcery, witchcraft etc (ie--things not of god or that he is against.)
People do stuff like that all the time,,don't step on cracks for their mother's back health, cross their fingers for luck, don't break mirrors or walk under a ladder.and most would not see this stuff as sinful/not pleasing to god as it is not trusting god to help just makes the doer feel a little better or more hopeful of a good outcome or less suffering ahead. this is a human trait as humans are not perfect nor sinners and yet still loved of god who I would hope overlooks little things like this just a any loving parent would.
I know you believe and defend herbs as I do and that is very good and doubt rocks have power as I pretty much do too, but when I brought herbs up I was using them and other things God created (herbs, sun, plants, foods, a baby's skin, breastmilk, love etc as things that have uses that we do not always know until; the next new discovery so is this not a possibility with rocks which abound on the earth and have some uses we know and might have some we do not yet know (or they may not)..who knows at this point.
things like a baby's skin being that way so touch by adults will be encouraged, thus helping the child to thrive cannot really be measured scientifically either but can be deduced once we had studies showing children cared for but never touched died. From that we can deduce God might have made the baby skin smell so sweet and be so soft to encourage touching, caressing and cuddling and in the process helping the child gain several benefits from that nurturance.
Since we do not yet fully know all the nutrients and properties in plants,. we do not always realize that they can or why they can heal sometime even if we had a test as the property involved and what it does for the body may not have been discovered yet.
Since I knew nothing about gem therapy I thought I needed to research a bit to see how it was thought to work and some of this is summarized below
all matter is energy in physical form
Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the Earth's gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy. The energetic and physical properties of gemstones are already employed in many aspects of technology. The ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy is no longer a foreign idea to us. For example, every television, quartz clock, portable phon

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Even though I know nothing about this subject, I couldn't possibly patronize you by playing along with your delusions.

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Well you sound like a really sweet guy but i dont think this rock will help you.
Maybe try going to places where theres people that have the same interests as you & maybe try not so hard/worry so much about finding your true love-maybe when your not thinking about it she could come along:)
Also,since you mentioned the God Bless part,maybe also try praying to God to bring you the woman that you dream of.Also i should gently mention,if its the Christian God that you believe in,that Crystals arnt really compatible with that.
I mean they are fine for fashion,prettiness,lamps etc but the part about assigning them special powers really isn't.
That aside,my personal opinion science wise is that Crystals only have the power that people assign them.
That if any effect can be made from them at all it is the result of the persons mind in some meditative state that has actually been 'transferred" somehow onto the crystal.IE that by them somehow believing that Rose Quartz for example can have certain properties like making someones heart open or more nurturing etc that if any result comes about it would be because the person has been putting those thoughts over & over in their head & contemplating it constantly & not because the crystal has any actual power in itself.
That the result would be exactly the same even if the Crystal wasnt there.
That is just my guess because i cant completely discard the possibility that things can be "created" with the mind as there are things like all those wealthy people making seminars like "creative consciousness" "think yourself rich" "personal growth" "visualise your way to riches" "the law of attraction" etc & while i certainly & absolutely dont agree with them or what they're doing-they do seem to be getting mega rich-well there is all the money from books & seminar entry fees etc that they sell to suckers too-but does that make all of their riches,i dont know?
Most of these people are certainly smarter then me & some are M.D's-eg:Dr Christine Page,Deepak Chopra,Dr Judith Orloff,Dr John Demartini,Dr. Rick Schaefer,Dr Norman Shealy -too so maybe they are somehow creating their riches with their mind/consciousness-i dont know?
Even IF possible,i dont agree with it.
I did "fall" for all that Crystal stuff at around 20.I bought this crystal & then that crystal-rose quartz,then amber,turquiose etc-i cant remember them all now.They looked pretty sitting there but that is all they did.
Maybe start doing lots of different classes and activities & maybe you'll meet someone.
if you go to any church is there any woman that you like there or if not maybe someone could introduce you to some friends?
Theres dating sites-some people like them some people hate them.
I dont know what else sorry but i hope you find your true love soon,even better then your dreams and live happily ever after:)
Edit:Hi Janie.Sorry if i have offended you or the asker.I wasnt implying that the asker was sinning,i didnt say that,that wasnt my intention & i dont believe its anyones place to say whether another person is "transgressing" or not.
I didnt say that in the answer so please dont put words that i didnt say in there.
I was just stating & not judging but just factual stating that it wasnt compatible because it puts magic powers into something.
I know that God has put certain things on the earth to help us and i "believe" in herbs,study herbs,use herbs etc.
I never for a moment suggested someone not to use herbs & i never mentioned herbs in my answer at all.
Herbs are there to help peoples conditions etc and if you look through my answers you will see that i answer is in this section often for herbs,suggesting certain herbs or giving information regarding certain herbs etc & sometimes unfortunately even being contentious & arguing when someone says something like "herbs are stupid.People who believe in herbs are dumb" etc-
so im very much for herbs & not against.
The difference to me between herbs & crystals though is that herbs are an aid to help us,they are a tool & any qualities they possess can be measured scientifically & find what components they have in them so that way we know how they work & why they work.At the same time just because a herb hasnt been studied, it doesnt then automatically mean that it is useless or is "bunk"-all it means is that noone maybe had the money to study it but if they did then it would/could be shown in a lab studies the healing components/chemicals that the herb has in it.
The difference with crystals though is that you have to give it some special magic power that isnt there-for example that Rose Quartz is specific for love & opening heart etc so it almost becomes like magic.
You could argue,well isnt it the same with herbs because maybe crystals have a certain specific action/"role" that they do like for example Lavender herb might be specific for relaxation,maybe a certain crystal is also specific for relaxation?
While this makes sense,at the same time though herbs are ingested(eaten etc) by us but crystals arnt so it would have to be proven that somehow just by havign the crystal on your skin for example that then the properties of it could be absorbed into your body.
Also im not aware of any studies that show that a certain crystal has certain properties which then do a certain thing in someones body & that a different crystal has different properties which then does a different thing in your body etc whereas with herbs there are some studies-for example Lemongrass is shown to have a component called Citral & Citral is shown that is able to have an effect in the human body-eg:anti-microbial.
Maybe you do know of some studies on the properties of different crystals & their abilities to have effects on the body?If you do can you please link them?
Even if there are no studies,that still doesnt mean that it isnt possible,but it just means that it hasnt been studied yet.
Its a tricky topic,& i like your insightful answers & it wasnt my intention to upset you Janie & i didnt mention the God part in an attempt to patronise or judge or scare etc-i hate those sorts of things myself.
Maybe i shouldnt have mentioned it?I dont know i'll have to think more about that because ya might mention something for discernments sake but on the otherhand it might come across to another person as if you are lecturing or judging etc.
Im still learning stuff but at this stage just not sure whether crystals are another medical tool or whether its magic/a belief system in a sense.
Edit:Janie.Regarding the laws of attraction-everything in your answer i have thought about/or said before myself too.Ive had all those same thoughts too so i talked to my much wiser sister about it & she said the part of the problem is that it puts reliance on man & not on God-im not quite sure what that means but thats what she said.
To me,the thing is even if the law of attraction or any other variations of it can work-in reality it doesnt work for everyone.
So while some people end up wealthy & "living it up" there are others that apply the principles only to end up staying poor & end up bitter,heartache etc & then the successful ones say to them things like "well you just havnt done it right" so they blame them which causes the still poor one, more upset.
Alternatively,they might say (about the still poor one) "John"(for example sake) is so negative,we have to avoid him,we know that negativity + negative mindset just attracts bad things so lets avoid this negative fellow.
So "John" the still financially poor one, that for some reason the law of attraction didnt work for him,ends up getting even more upset.
Ie:not only is he now still poor,but hes also being blamed for his poverty & implied that he's a "failure" for not making the technique work,& also shunned because he's just "too negative" & a party pooper.In the meantime though-the others are living it up.
So i cant imagine something that could be so destructive for some people could be from God.
Same thing with that book/movie "The Secret" a few years ago.They said that everyone could get rid of their illnesses,cancers etc by just beleiving themselves healthy.While i cant discount that this may have worked for some people,at the same time though ther were others who were still sick & it didnt work & they ended up feeling confused,betrayed etc.
As always,i could be wrong though & my insight could be lacking.
Edit:Thanks for your edit Janie.I dont have bad feelings to you at all and i apologise because you are right that i did "jump the gun" or put my own opinion regarding saying that it wasnt compatible with Christian God without fully checking my facts first or being 100% sure & knowledgable on what the bible says & not only what it says but even more important making sure i interpreted it correctly because to me interpreting right is even more important then just knowing what it says because theres a lot of people/things in Christianity that are interpreting things wrong & that in turn causing people hurt or confusion.
So its true,i shouldnt have said that because i dont know with all certainty from the bible- & not from my own thoughts-what is mentioned about it ie:whether God has created them as just another tool for healing use which has properties which havn't yet been studied, or whether instead its a form of magic which has no properties but there has to be belief behind it to make it work.
It cut my answer off too so i put some on this link if you wish to read