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Eyes Involantarily opening during meditation..or lucid vision?


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Deep in meditation, I am highly aware of my body and/or surroundings depending on the state of meditation (outward or inward, or nothing). A small crick in my neck, or the smallest of movements/sounds around me, feel like a thundercrack breaking a silence.
Yet I often find myself in a position where I start seeing, first a little, then alot, of what is around me. I cannot feel my eyelids opening, only the vision span increasing..which is the odd thing because the state is such that I would be able to tell very intensely any movements in my body.
The thing is, if I 'open' my eyes, I see the same thing..but it doesn't feel like I opened them?
Its a state where It doesnt feel like my eyes are opening, or that my eyelids are open, but I can see, but I cant tell for sure if its my eyes opening involuntarily or of it is lucid vision. This occurs especially if there is large energy activity in my third eye and crown chakra area during chakra meditation.
Note: Asked this question once and only got one reply, that said "It was me getting distracted by something'. The awareness was too high for me to get so distracted that my eyes open without me knowing I was getting distracted. A small crick in my neck feels like a thundercrack in an ocean of silence. My thoughts are slowed down to just one or two thoughts interspersed with seconds of thoughtlessness. I can see my thoughts like white paint thrown on a black wall. It is not 'distraction'
haha Ariel, thats a GREAT idea!
@ First poster - I'm not making any sounds, no clicks, no echos for echo location. Echo location is not vision either. This is vision. With form, color, depth. It is not a fuzzy sense of where matter lies around me - it is vision as lucid as sight.

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You can see your surrounding through hearing with a lot of concentration. One blind boy has managed to do echolocation where he does clicks and his clicks bounce off nearby objects and he can 'see' where they are and how big they are, etc. Perhaps you've achieved a low level of this. I don't think it has anything to do with a "third eye", but you heightening your other senses - namely hearing.
I didn't say you were making any noise. But with concentration, it has been shown, that listening can make surrounding objects AS LUCID to you as if your eyes were open.
Either that or your eyes did open.

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Dunno. Try meditating with a camera on yourself.

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An (INVOLUNTARY) opening of your eyes during mediation could Possibly be a "Medical" Problem !