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Enlightenment, priests/priestess, info on your religion?


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I would like to know your religion/beliefs and your idea on what Enlightenment is and how to reach it. If anyone as the same ideas at me, I`m hoping they can help me reach this Enlightenment, so please leave and email address if you haven`t enetered your email to yahoo answers. Also, I want to know about Zen Masters. What they are, how they reach that point, what religion belief system or culture they are from.. Also I would like to know about they priests/priestess or anything else they are called in your religion. A lot about them if you can. Christians, please DO NOT take it personally, but this is a learning project, and I was taught a lot about your religion, so I don`t really need those answers. Feel free to give them, but I`m not going to email you back and you probably won`t get best answer. I want to learn about other religions, so please give me as many discriptions as possible.
NO DISCRIMINATION!! I dont want any hate against other religions or I`ll report you!!!

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In islamic teaching we should understand the contents of our holy book including hadith and practicing it in our daily lives such as :
1)we should know what must be done and what do not be done such as praying,fasting,telling honestly,giving alms,helping and loving others,do not eating a forbidden foods and drinks ,do not making damages,do not cheating ,do not adultering etc
2)we must ask for God's forgiveness everyday after praying if we have sins and we should pray in last one third of night to ask for God's forgiveness if we have a great sinand swear not to do it again
3)we should ask for forgiveness directly to others who has been hurt by us
4)we should receive the asking for forgiveness of others if we have been hurt by someone and let it be by gone
5)we should always remembering Allah our God Almighty by reading holy book and reciting some short surahs and telling astagfirullah 33 times and also Allah the greatest,thanks God and no other God than Allah.
6)we should say alhamdulillah or thank to our God if we receive something from others and other good lucks from God Almighty such as our good health condition or healing from our sickness.
7)we should always keep our patient if we receive a bad luck and try hard to overcome it by asking our God's help.
8)we should give help to others who need it as soon as possible
9)we should pay good attention to someone who has a sorrow by a death of their family,or having bad luck,sick,attending the inviting to us for a wedding ceremony etc
10)we should appreciate and help our parents if they need something and obeying their good advices and always give smile to others and let him/her in peace.

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