Does anyone know ho...
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Does anyone know how to become a psychic medium?


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can you help me?
plz dont give me any crappy answers

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no, I am unable to help because you haven't given any details. Have you seen any evidence that you may be a talent? Have you tried any of the websites that allow you to try for free?

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If you wish to become a psychic medium like people such as John Edward you must learn cold reading.
Since no one can actually communicate with dead people.

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Ask this question in a book store and they will be able to look up their computer and find lists of books on this subject.
I like reading and I think you will like reading this one:
Title: 'Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls' (Tools for ancient scrying & modern seership)
Author: Ted Andrews
The author says, 'Divination and seership . . . can be used for self-discovery, clarification, new perspectives, and even accessing hidden knowledge. It is effective when we are confused or going through transitions. It reveals possibilities and optional courses of action. It helps us when initiating new projects and new paths, or when ending the old.'
Ted Andrews is an author and teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. He is the bestselling author of a dozen books including 'Animal Speak', 'How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides', and 'The Healer's Manual'.

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this is a gift. You either have it or you don't.

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