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Do you think Nine Tailed Fox is Good?


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I don't think nine tailed fox is evil because:
-he has so much respect for Naruto
-he lets Naruto to use his powers if he in serious trouble and he heals him with his own chakra.
-if someone almost tries to kill him, he will fight for Naruto. Like Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Garra....
-if he hated Naruto then he wouldn't talk to him or help him at all.
what do you think?
I don't think nine tailed fox would let Akatsuki capture him and use him to create ten tailed beast because I know he is too powerful. I feel he WILL protect Naruto one day.

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my friend, you are a fucking retard. he helps naruto because if naruto dies, so does he. It's not that hard figure out

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-Sigh- I wish that was the case, but my understanding is that saving Naruto and helping Naruto win is so Naruto doesn't die because if Naruto dies so does Naruto.
The reason why he lets Naruto use his powers is because he hopes that his power and hatred will consume Naruto and Naruto will basically "melt" and lose his will in the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra and then the Nine Tailed Fox can come out and do evil. Like when Gaara let himself be controlled by the First Tail Raccoon (I think it's a raccoon)

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if naruto dies, the fox will too.
"-he has so much respect for Naruto"
excuse me?

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no kyuubi is not good he only helps naruto because if naruto dies he dies too!

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