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Do you believe in Astral projection (astral travel)?


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I have been doing alot of research on Astral Travel. I even tried, but it was always unsuccesful. For those who doesn't know what is Astral Travel, Please take a look first.
Astral travel has been practised throughout history - and there have been thousands of documented scientific experiements confirming that astral travel is real.
People seek therapy because they 'wake up paralyzed and rigid' (sleep paralysis, a close component of astral travel) 'Wake up and see strange beings around them' (entities found in the astral plane) 'Find themselves floating or vibrating violently, or engulfed in a bright light' (sensations felt as the astral body leaves the physical body) Some people have even gone so far as to say their astral experiences are alien encounters.
I am also interested to know if its true. If u have any encounters, OR EVEN YOU HAD TRIED, please tell me more about it. ( check if u dont believe

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I don't believe it. It doesn't have an scientific explanation. Is beyond comprehension

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I am not sure, but whenever I see terms like 'astral projection' and 'astral travel' Van Morrison's beautiful "Astral Weeks" comes straight into my head and so now, if you don't mind, I will try to remember the first several lines:
If I venture in the slipstream
between the viaducts and your dreams
where the mobile steel rings crack
and the ditch in the back road stops
Could you find me?
Would you kiss my eyes?
And lay me down in silence, easy,
to be born again....<<<words appxmt been years since I heard it

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I do not believe in this. I know there is documentation of people who feel they have experienced this, but I would attribute this to other causes. Its like believing in ghosts, aliens, or other ideas which are questionable. I can give you "proof" but I can prove to you, I got 8 arms and I can fly. You can't take everything you read as read. I'm not saying for sure it's not possible, but until I experience it, I don't believe it. Im that way for most things. For example, I think aliens are possible, but doubt anyone who has ever said they had seen em.

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i have friends that claim they have done it. doubt they'd lie to me, but at the same time, it doesn't seem possible to me. so i don't know really. maybe they have good drugs.

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I like thought-provoking questions, good one.
Never had any personal experiences though.
I do think just about anything is possible however.
I would have thought it more a supernatural phenomena than scientific.

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I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't done it so many times,all without the aid of drugs.In fact,You can't do it on drugs.It's the strangest feeling though.I first I thought I was dieing,and it didn't matter because it felt so good.
It was even better than sex,and that's something coming from me.
I haven't in a few years,but I don't worry,it always comes back once the conditions are right.
If you are trying it for the first time,sleep deprivation
is what works best.I can't honestly say whether or not
astral travel is an outward journey or an inner one.
All I know is that it IS a real experience well worth having.I will never forget my first time,nobody does.
The trick is,is to NOT try.You can only make the conditions favorable by witholding sleep.You will feel
yourself being pulled upward and you will feel yourself
not resisting.This is how it always begins for me.

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I believe that people create an "astral body" and locate themselves in it, but as such, they are still trapped in that body.

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I used to do it as a kid - although I've never told anyone about it.
When I was falling asleep as a child, I would float up into the corner of my bedroom. I shared a room with my sister - and used to just sit up in the corner right beneath the ceiling and that was it, I never tried to go anywhere else.. I could hold myself there for as long as I wanted. It wasn't something that I tried to do - in fact I didn't even realise that it was out of the ordinary until I got to a certain age.
I think I might still be able to do it because it actually came quite naturally to me.
I do remember the sensation when it happened my physical body felt like a plank. Almost a dead weight but still breathing.
Another similar experience: My ex-husband once lay down on the couch in our living room, he was dosing off and the phone rang. He sat up, but felt strange, and looked back to see his body still laying on the couch behind him. He then lay back down inside his body. That was a bit strange too.

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