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Do Muslims perform crystal healing?


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You know, chakra, aura, healing, spirituality.
The type of crystal healing where you place crystals in certain positions so they perform certain things and give off certain energies, vibrations and frequencies.
I was wandering if it is allowed in Islam. I've read that Shia/ Shi'ite Muslims believe that one of their caliphs wore gemstone rings, but this question is more about the Sunni denomination.
The reason i want to know about this is because my Sunni Muslim friend has recently lost her brother in a tragic accident and she is struggling with school work, exams etc. She was researching about crystal healing and thought about trying it out, she has all the crystals she wants but doesnt know if it is actually allowed to be done in her religion, shes worried about it having links with the devil or it having links with certain cultures that dont follow the religion of God?. I said i would help her find out if Sunni Muslims perform/ed crystal healing and so here i am.
So my final question would be: "Are Sunni Muslims allowed to perform crystal healing?"
Please help if you know and NO unkind or prejudicial comments, if you dont know the answer then dont comment.
Any website links would be great and thank you.
Great, thanks for the answers.
But now, if you know of any other ways that a Sunni Muslim can become mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally stable, like crystal healing but something that is allowed in Islam???
Thanks again, and links would help out alot.

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No. That would be witchcraft, which is not permitted in Sunni Islam (or any other variety of Islam).
Islam also doesn't have anything to do with chakras or auras (chakras, in fact, come from Hinduism, and would be considered pagan practices). That would also be considered witchcraft.

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no, it's consider as magical practices.

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No, it has nothing to do with the devil. Yes, Sunni Muslims are allowed to perform crystal healing. Some crystals actually help you connect with Source(god, goddess, angels, etc). Crystals will help you connect with your higher powers(whatever Source you believe in). Tell her that crystals have nothing to do with the devil, as it heals you, and that is the opposite of what the devil wants. Crystals are not connected to any specific religion, except universal love. Universal love accepts everything, good or bad. Universal love is not a religion, but is in all religions. I wish you and your friend luck as you explore the metaphysical world.=) If you have any questions about crystal healing, please do not hesitate to contact me at (answers to the other answers below: They are not magical practices, they are metaphysical practices! This is also called energy healing, so it is not magical healing! It is certainly not witchcraft because the crystals help you connect with your God! It is only considered witchcraft when you use the crystals for witchcraft rituals! Islams have nothing to do with crystal healing because they don't even know about them so they don't consider it witchcraft! Chakras are not considered to come from Hinduism because they are not only used by Hindus but people from all other religions!)