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Do higher realities exist?


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We all know that dreams are a lower reality simply because we think it's false, but maybe the reality that we experience everyday is not all that there is. People who are spiritual claim to experience something that is more real than the reality we experience everyday. To find god you'll have to go to the highest state of consciousness, etc?
Is all this real or fake?

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In other words, what you're saying is that some dreams are false and others are "more real" than nature. How exactly do you tell the difference?

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The 'Matrix' is not real.

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There is no scientific evidence that higher realities exist.
There is no scientific evidence that you can go to higher realities.
There is no scientific evidence that you can find God in this higher realities or state of consciousness.

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Although it doesn't seem that way at first glance, this is actually a rather heavily politically charged question.
First, let's define what your word "higher" is in relation to. I'm going to assume that the baseline reality is the one in which the primary element is individual consciousness.
Second, your answer: yes, higher realities than individual consciousness exist. As a fiction story is to your individual consciousness, so is your individual consciousness to the flow of genetic information that made your individual consciousness possible. As individual consciousness makes fiction possible, so does genetic information make individual consciousness possible.
We individuals are not really the "players" in the universe. We're more like imperfect apparatus. We perform well when we advantage and proliferate the molecular information that led to our births.
We perform poorly when we impose handicaps to the proliferation of that molecular information or fail to assist in its defense when extinction is threatened by competing forms of replicating information.
We are imperfect tools because our individual consciousness is susceptible to memetic subversion, originating as the result of our own foolishness or by a rival's connivance. Every time you hear a White person complaining about the evils of his own race, most often in order to receive social approval (or some other form of bribe) from his natural enemies, you are listening to the sound of an instrument flawed by sabotage.

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in physics, scientists no longer talk about 3 dimensions of space but 10 dimensional hyperspace, its essentially a solution of string theory in an attempt to unify relativity (which describes gravity) with quantum mechanics (which explains the behavior of subatomic particles).
if you imagine that you exist in 2 dimensions, you would have absolutely no concept of "up", it would be totally alien to you.
We live in 3 dimensions as the other 7 exist at the level of strings, which are about a billion billion times smaller than a proton.
But you can't shift your conciousness into a higher dimension that's just new age bullshit that kind of twists these admittedly hard to grasp concepts into some kind of quasi-mystical nonsense

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