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Chants & Incantations.?


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Can someone please give me some useful ones to put into my Book of Shadows?

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I create my chants and incantations from the ritual that I will be doing at the time I use them.
For example, when I did a ritual on an Esbat and I was concentrating on sending out healing energies to my friend who was going through chemo treatments, so I used --- "Energies blend - healing send" --- as the chant to raise the cone of power.
I believe that chants and incantation work best if you've created them yourself with your own words. Words have power and energy of their own especially if you chose them yourself.
Bright Blessings!

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You should build these yourself. However, it is raining outside my window so I shall begin one for you.
Oh rain that falls upon this earth;
fall gently, fall well.
Thy softness swallowed neath the green,
fall gently fall well.
There is your begining. Complete it for it to be yours.
If you want the Truth.....Ask a Pagan.

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is this a joke?? spells aren't real.
jeeezz, lay off the harry potter!

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It's always best to write your own. Or if you're not into writing and such, you could always revise someone else's to fit your purpose.

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I'm willing to share a couple.
Horned One, lover, son
Leaper in the corn
Deep in the Mother
Die and be reborn
The Goddess is above me,
The Goddess is below me,
The Goddess is before me,
The Goddess is behind me,
The Goddess is around me,
The Goddess is within me.

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you can google and find many that might suit you. I personally do not believe in using anyones spells, you might not get what you want but what the spell was first intended for. It is better to get ideas from others book of shadows and then create your own. They will be more powerful and pure this way.

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Is better if you write your own, it comes from your own energy and heart.

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It has been my experience over the years that chants and incantations learned from others were not nearly as effective as those I've written for myself. I'm particularly gifted with words and my symbolism often gets confused, but they work every time if it's heart felt. Even something simple is effective if you have poured yourself into it to create it. Try that, you will find it works much better than many cookie-cutter incantations you might find else where. Not everyone's spells are going to work for you. The best thing to do is to create your own, then you will know it will work.

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