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Can you please tell me if this Magick spell has some good energy? Wiccans and other witchcraft only please!?


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by megan w:

I sort of improved with the idea, but the idea is to draw back lost love...
I'm using on a friday night a red candle, some note book paper, dried lavender, some lavender and rose incense, and a red pen. I don't have a caldroun but a heat resitent plate or some thing like that would surfice.
Basically at midnight, or before I go to bed I'll light a candle and meditate, and reflect, than I'm writing down a healing dream, one that would bring about feelings of affection, intiminacy, and lust, all at the same, one to remember why he feel and love with me, and to forgive me for all the mean things I did to him in the past the candle is buring, I'll focus on the energy of love, and wholeness that he gives me, the lavender I thought would be a good peacful soothing to use in the spell, because the whole point is that I want him to make up with me, and remember why he loves me. I'll write down the dream, than on the back I'll write:
"I've wouned your heart with my harsh words, with my meanness and strife!
I am sorry, and I can't imagine not knowing you in my life!
By soothing love, and carnel lust, may this dream heal you!
please, make up with me I'm so blue!
Let my love be a salve for a wounded heart, and love me once more!
Forgiveness and love, is all that I implore!
Than rise awaken, and renewed from this dream..
please, in my thoughts, I want to redeem..
your love once more..
frogiveness and love is all that I implore!
Through this dream, let us warm this winter of this life!
rise, renewed, and freed from strife!
by the powers that can be!!
please make up with me!
as it will so mote it be!"
Can you suggest anything to make the spell sttronger? like more effective??
I'm only asking because I haven't really casted a love spell before, I've casted other spell, luck, purification, but I never really have casted love spells.

Answer by Yeng
Is this just an excuse to write bad poetry?

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no it doesnt...its satanic....danger avoid it!!!!!!!

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spells dont work.

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Obvious, insanity is obvious.

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No offence, but you should let it go. Most of the fun is in the conquest, so target someone new and enjoy yourself. Hope it goes well

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if you'd just talk with the people that you thought had demons in them, you'd understand that they are normal people. everyone has difficulty in their lives, so understand them instead of judging them and blaming them.

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If the spell is satisfactory to you, then it has good energy.
Magick is entirely based on self perception and the opinion of others counts for nohting.

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when youre working with the "free will" of another
you may not put forth the intent to force forgiveness or a return
your intent is beautiful, i can see that in the words youve chosen
however ... one must be extremely careful
try writing it in a way that allows the mutual desires of your two hearts to manifest
in addition write that those desires which do not match
be burned away, with no hurts, no regrets ... just unconditional love
this will bring you peace
this will bring mutual forgiveness
more importantly, when this brings back to you your love
you will KNOW that it was because your love desired to be back with you too

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Personally, I would rewrite it to be more positive.
If you want positive results, put out positive vibes.
What i mean is:
I wish to show you all the good you deserve.
I wish to love and care for you with all my being.
I wish you to embrace me with open heart and open arms.
Do you see what I mean. You can say the same thing, but no negatives, like "wounded heart" , "NOT knowing you in my life", change these things to there positive form. i.e , Fill your heart with love and trust, ,,,,,,
Good luck.

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Spells are methods.
Spells don't work because you act them out like a script.
Spells work when you have done your study/research and know why you are doing everything you are doing in it, and how to achieve the desired effect.
And they work when you have meditated and have obtained the mental discipline to alter your state of consciousness, raise and direct energy, etc.
Basically, if you have put a couple of serious study and effort into Witchcraft, enough to be ready to actually practice it, most spells will work for you.
Nothing can make your "spells" stronger... learning the Craft properly you learn it is your skills you need to work on to make your spells stronger.
Someone without the proper training can change out herbs or light more candles but it's not going to help.
I can only guess your training is minimal as of yet, or maybe you're getting bad sources, or you'd know this.
Frankly it sounds like a silly internet spell.
And as far as Wicca goes, it is generally considered unethical to put a spell on someone without his consent, especially when it attempts to manipulate the person.

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