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Can psychokinesis do these things?


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by Lucidity:

can psychokinesis be used to:
Rapidly heal?
Use Hydrokinesis
use pyrokinesis
use geokinesis
use aerokinesis
use electrokinesis
control time
manipulate energy or life force
control light
become invisible
become intangible
thoughtform projection/illusion control
? can it do these things by any chance? O.o

Answer by Adam Kovacs
Through Wiccan beliefs, it can be true to only your mind.
It is not physically possible.

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No, psy(mind) kinesis(movement) is the power to control things that do with the mind. I.E.: telepathy, empathy, illusion, etc.
all the things you listed are separate powers and abilities. All though i do believe its possible to do these things as i always say impossible only means it hasn't been accomplished yet.
so you can very well try

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There's no evidence that psychokinesis is real. When they test people under controlled conditions, they cannot do what they claim. They can't even move a scale that is sensitive enough to weigh a fingerprint.

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The simple answer here is no. Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability to use ones mind to manipulate or move inanimate objects. Whereas the other mentioned abilities do other things, the control of earth, fire, water, etc. Each of these is possible, however it is highly unlikely and extremely rare to encounter someone possessing more than one of the above listed. In fact it is somewhat rare to encounter someone possessing even one of the above listed abilities. Hope it helps!

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Psychokinesis (PK) - "mind-movement”, It is the movement of physical objects by using psychic or mental powers.
Rapidly healing is completely a mental thing. If you convince your mind that you will heal quickly, you will find that you will heal more quickly then if you hadnt.
Hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, geokinesis, aerokinesis, and electrokinesis, as well as controlling light (which is quite similar to electrokinesis), are all based on the same basic principle. It is completely mind based as well. Would i say that you use psychokinesis to accomplish it, no. But it does use the same basic techniques as psychokinesis. If you accomplish one of the kinesis's, the others are much easier. At the same time, generally speaking, one will find that they have a stronger connection with one of them then the others. That can be worked through, though it is better to work with it.
While nothing is truly impossible, i find the concept of "controlling time" to be highly unlikely, seeing as how time itself is a theorized concept.
Being able to manipulate energy/life force is a vital factor in accomplishing anything you have listed, and basically anything that can be done mentally/psychically. You use energy (sometimes referred to as the life force) to accomplish the tasks.
Becoming invisible, is, quite honestly, somewhat impractical. Becoming unnoticeable would be much more practical
As for becoming intangible, that would directly coorolate with being unnoticeable.
thoughtform projection (which would basically be astral projection) is a release of oneself from their mind. It doesnt really have to do with kinesis in any way. Kinesis itself explains a movement of something.
Creating illusions, as well as illusion control, is also a mind ability.
teleportation, as opposed to the rest of them, is a branch of psychokinesis. Therefore, teleportation is considered a form of psychokinesis. Phasing and Transmutation are also two sub-types of psychokinesis.