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Assuming you believe in reincarnation, how would you personally go about testing it?


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For instance, if you were a well-known author or artist, would you be able to leave a coded message in your work? Would you be able to write a letter to your future self or communicate via your grandchildren? How would you ensure it wasn´t a hoax or your imagination?

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I would note the bodily change that occurs within one so-called lifetime (i.e. baby to child to adult to old age) and then I would draw the conclusion that death likely means another, similar change.


Reincarnation... doesn't that just entail the soul, so you wouldn't actually be conscious of being reincarnated? So I don't see how you could communicate with your soul via an artwork. And it's not like you could know who you were going to be next, so you couldn't write a letter to an unknown. You could be a rat and not even be able to read or appreciate artworks at all. Some hypnotherapists reckon they can relate people's experiences/emotions/fears to their past lives, but even then everyone cries: 'Hoax! Imagination! Yeah right!'

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I am a Christian. I am, peradventure, a little bit too broad minded at times for my own good. I once believed in reincarnation (even after being born again). But now, I think I know what the truth is.
It's radical- but it makes sense. And I have encountered some stories before that really seemed to point towards reincarnation as being a reality. I think that there is a supernatural explanation for what some people believe are memories of past lives...
Demons can dwell inside of a person while they are among the living. The evil entity may experience some of the things that the person whom they are inhabiting experiences. When that person dies, the demon still lives- and it can eventually enter into another living person later on. I think that this might possibly explain "memories" of past lives.
Does that make sense?
I could be completely wrong, though. It's just conjecture.
In reference to your question, I don't think that someone could, at least in the scientific sense, test to see if they are the reincarnation of someone from the past.
I think I already used this phrase before in answering an entirely different question you had asked previously- so pardon me if I am being redundant.
All the evidence in the world cannot prove anything- it can only heavily suggest.