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Are there any negatives to lucid dreaming?


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I am speaking specifically of two "dangers" mentioned by a friend of mine. He had experienced lucid dreams in the past.
1.) He stated that lucid dreaming would result in the same affects as if the body had not gotten any sleep due to a lack of REM sleep. Is this true with ANY form of lucid dreaming?
2. ) He also mentioned deja vu experiences, though from what I've seen, it appears this can be avoided by simple reality testing.

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Lucid dreaming could be an indication of hypoglycemia

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Lucid dreams usually take place when a person is actually part awake in that they can wake up easily if they choose and they can remember what has just happened easily. They can also manipulate many thoughts during this phase.
And yes this means less sleep time but it usually only makes up about an hour of ones total relax time. (Sleep time.) And many people sleep too long anyway.
Deja vu experiences are basically just an extension of the above and results can be the same.
Peoples bodies soon tell them if they're over tired and the body takes steps to get enough sleep as required over time.

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Sometimes when you wake up, you know you're awake but you can't move!! Freaky deaky!

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It all depends on you.
That's it. You.
I wake up relaxed and cheerful
The only thing
that bothers me when I wake
from a lucid dream is
It's gone.