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according to wikipedia, psychokinesis can do these?


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by Lucidity:

basicly, on wikipedia it says that psychokinesis can do the following:
* Telekinesis: movement of matter at the micro or macro (visible objects, life forms, etc.) levels; move, lift, agitate, vibrate, spin, bend, break, or impact)
* Speed up or slow down the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature,[39] possibly to the point of ignition if combustible (also known as pyrokinesis when speeding up vibrations, and cryokinesis when slowing them down).[40]
* Self levitation (rising in the air unsupported, flying).[41]
* Influencing events (sports, gambling, election, prolongation of life, etc.).[41]
* Biological healing.[42]
o See also Category:Supernatural healing
* Teleportation (disappearing and reappearing elsewhere).[33][41][43]
* Phasing through matter.[41]
* Electro-psychokinesis, the ability to control any and all electrical, electronic, or electro-mechanical devices such as computers, elevators, FAX machines, etc.[citation needed]
* Transmutation of matter.[41][44]
* Metamorphosis Shape-shifting.[45]
* Energy shield (force field).[46]
* Control of magnetism.[41]
* Control of photons (light waves/particles).[47]
* Thoughtform projection aka telepathic projection (a physically perceived person, animal, creature, object, ghostly entity, etc., created in the mind and projected into three-dimensional space and observable by others; for thought images allegedly placed on film, see Thoughtography).[48][49]
Is this true?

Answer by Horror
This is obviously not true. This is a bogus field of psychology and the brain has absolutely no power to emit any sort of radiation that could cause things to move.

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Sorry to the other poster but have you done er homework on this? YES it's true! Thought is electronics/electrons,thought is powerful & ca move things it's energy.Hell look around you everything solid was made by thought.Think of a food & you got almost out of thin air.Think & it shall be!You know what someone is thinking about just by looking at them.Have you seen someone mad/sad they give their self away.Anger is a strong thought i knocked someone off a bike just by thinking about it!More to this but 4 time sake...

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Some people believe in it.
Others don't.
This is because it has never passed the test of the scientific method.
And thus isn't science.
So the rational types won't believe.
Personally, I think some of this happens.
But how much and how I have no idea.

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This is an area of science referred to as a PseudoScience, Pseudo- being the Greek prefix for false. It is categorised within this category as there is a lack of scientific evidence for any of the claims aforementioned, as well as exaggerated and unprovable claims. It relies on confirmation bias for people to believe in such claims, rather than proved and tested hypothesis.

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I wouldn't say it's true because wikipedia can carry some false information. Now if you want to learn the truth about psychokinesis I suggest you look it up on etheir google or yahoo besides wikipedia.

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I've read the whole article, I'm sure some of the people who have answered have not, and to be honest I think you have the wrong idea all together.
Wikipedia explains all the things that come under the 'umbrella' term of psychokinesis as you have posted, and all the various claims by oddballs that they possess these powers, nowhere does Wikipedia say that all these things are REAL.
Just take one example "Nina Kulagina (1926—1990), alleged Soviet psychic of the late 1960s and early 1970s who was filmed apparently performing telekinesis while seated in numerous black-and-white short films" it doesn't say that she can perform it, in fact James Randi who is mentioned several times shows how this conjuring trick is performed, you can even buy the materials on line.
She refused to be tested for his $ 1,000,000 challenge or for any form of Western testing.
Anyone who claims they have any of the powers you have posted can take up JR on his challenge
ALL who have tried have failed, and before anyone calls him a fraud, there are ten other similar challenges worldwide, his $ 1,000,000 is registered with Goldman Sachs for anyone to see.

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Wikipedia has much "gao pei" on it. Users can add what they like, unfortunately. That means it is not a reliable source.