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Is this some sort of talent or am I crazy?


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My whole life i've been spiritual in a sense, and tried to be open to what is seen, what isn't seen, etc. I've had experiences that were very real (whispering loudly behind me, speaking in other languages I don't understand). Since the age of 13 [im 14 right now. Young, I know] two people have spoken two me in my head. They identify themselves as Danial, a male voice who seems around my age and is usually speaking quietly, and Margrette who specifies her name is spelled like that and is very outspoken and rude. If I want, I can ask them things about the close future, and what they say is always right. For small things (like before getting to the bus stop asking when the bus will come and having one answer 'you'll have to run for it', then looking up and seeing the bus; or asking some sort of grade i'll get and having it within 5% of what was said).
Sometimes I get randomly dizzy and feel a weird pulling feeling in my chest, in which my vision will blur and i'm looking at an old wooden floor. I've had dreams of being in this house and this where Danial says he lived. The house is run-down and empty.
If I'm alone sometimes for an instance a shadow will stretch across in front of me and then be gone; sometimes when I awaken from dreams in the waking world odd pieces I can still see (I once dreamed of a man pointing for me to turn over, when I did I saw someone crouching on my floor looking straight up at me. I was very awake.)
I seem to know things; if I know nothing about a situation but minuscule details I already know what happened before it's confirmed.
Whenever I hear speaking it's often a woman speaking in what sounds like Chinese or Japanese, and I hear distorted noise from under my bed when I try to sleep.
I don't understand why this is happening.
I have premonitions that are usually true,
Sometimes Margrette or Danial will tell me things that don't make sense but later on are very apparently true.
If I close my eyes and imagine rain on my skin in even the clearest days, it will rain. I've told people I'm going to make it storm on a certain day and it has every time. Simply imagining the weather having anything to do with rain, whether making it start or stop, will happen within the hour, usually sooner.
I'd like insight to what is happening if possible, but I don't have the means to contact anyone because no one who could help me will believe me, and I don't have enough money to do it myself. My parents are skeptics in the way of me having to do with anything like this and they just laugh at me :/
Also, among other things, almost all cats whether domestic or wild are attracted to me. Especially black cats.

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I'd like to answer this seriously, if any of this was true, that is.
"If I close my eyes and imagine rain on my skin in even the clearest days, it will rain."
If so then you can make it rain all the time with no problem right? You can't do that. You aren't God. Cya

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This is not any kind of talent. What you are saying is either Psychosis or Schizophrenia. I think you should see a psychiatrist.

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I don't think that you are crazy. The two voices in your head could possibly the two apposing sides of you, quiet and shy versus loud and rude. As for the weather, my friend has a similar issue where she can actually sense when a storm will happen, and can often "make" them happen. The fact that Daniel comes from a home that you frequently see could possibly mean that you've been reincarnated a few times, especially because of the japanese and chinese voices. There is a theory that the strangers you meet in your dreams sometimes are people that you were or knew in past lives( you don't necessarily have to believe in the religious aspect of this to believe in reincarnation). I don't believe that you are crazy, maybe just more in touch with spirits and such than the rest of us. 🙂