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Do tarot readers online make as much money as those that open up a shop of their own? How would they do the?


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reading online ? IM or email or do they do it by phone? What about getting paid? Can someone cancel their credit c ard payment if they are not happy with the reading? How much do you think that someone like that makes monthly?

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I don't believe anyone truly a legitimate Tarot reader would attempt on-line readings. In the instructions of a large majority of Decks the querist must cut the deck 3 times before ant card is placed in the pattern.
Pure readings leave querists confused and/or angry in many cases. Also, a pure reading has no remuneration attached.
I've found in my 60+ years of working with the Decks that those who read for pay usually have excellent memorization of the instruction books pertinent of their Deck, but very little talent to bring forth more than the guiding words of such a book.

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I have owned a shop & I now do them by email, so I have gone down both routes.
When you have a shop, you have a lot of overheards - I mean lots, so you are really paying for the premises.
When you work from home people can pay via credit card by many means.
As you are paying for the psychics time, there should be no refunds.
What a psychic earns depends on where they advertise, how good they are, what they charge etc. & also where in the worth that they live.

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I am a reader who has also done reading in person as well as on line. I do not do phone readings currently, but have in the past.
I do not have a storefront, I hand out business cards, advertise, and go to faires and festivals. I pay a booth fee which is anywhere between $15 to $125 (or more).
In person readings are $20-$60 and hour, why the difference? I feel that everyone who seeks a reading should be able to get one and some people just don't have the dollars to spare, but really need the guidance.
If I pay less for my booth and the event is in a lower income area, I charge less. If I'm reading in an upper-class area or payed a high dollar amount for my booth, I charge more.
As it has been mentioned, with a store-front, having to pay for that space cuts into your profits in a big way.
Readings can also be done by email, by phone, by IM. The best way to make the most money is to keep your expences down.
Customers can call you instead you calling them, or get a flat rate long-distance account, so no matter how much time you spend on the phone, it will always cost the same.
Also, the amount made by a reader all depends on the amount of time devoted to reading for others as well as the number of clients one can accumulate.
Email readings take quite a bit of time to prepare, the reading may go quickly, but to put together the report may take longer (especially if you are a slow typer) than if you where to just do the reading over the phone. Therefore, one can get more phone readings done in a day than they could email readings.
Getting Paid-
I take cash only for in person readings unless I know the person, then I will accept a check.
For online readings I use PayPal.
Terry has mentioned that these online/phone readings cannot be done for they do not follow "tarot rules". I have found by way of personal experience as well as the discussions with other readers, that these rules are really not valid, they just another persons opinion or idea of 'how' it 'should' be done and probably have thier roots from the days when there where not phones or internet.
I don't follow these rules and I have very accurate readings.
I have done readings without the person present and have 'seen' what had happened 17 years in the past that was still affecting them in the now and that was a reading done via ebay.
Blessings on your journey!