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can you tell what is the telepathy and how it works?


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the ability to send messages from person to person. kinda like sending a text message except without typing anything.
it doesent work though. as far as anyone knows.

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telepathy it's communication between two people thru the thoughts without verbal speech

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This is the basis behind religious belief. That we all have a
spiritual bond, and belong to each other, and that which we
come from.
Our spirits have telepathic and empathic ability. We can know
each others thoughts, feel each others pain.
Married couples can tell you. A husband might be watching the
game, wishing he had A cold glass of ice tea. And here comes
momma with a cold glass of ice tea. Or the wife needs some
milk to finish the meal, if shes a homemaker, or it's her
night to cook. (No chauvinism here). And the old man will come
home and say he decided to stop at the store and picked up
some milk too just in case.
Sometimes, we actually "hear" the sound of the persons voice
in our head. There are lost souls out there as well. If I've learned anything, it's religion doesn't warn about things because they
are imaginary. It warns about them becaUse they are real.
Ask for protection at all timEs, especially in these days. Any
voivce that breaks through, that tells you to hurt yourself or
another is bad. Seek help from your Highest Power and people
who won't ridicule you.

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I am not sure if it's the same.
Sometimes I know what someone is thinking, either sensing it, or by their expressions and actions.
Spirituality is about the same as telepathy, I see Ghost, Angels, now and then, and sense, feel what they are thinking, even if I am sleeping, and they come to close, my Spirit senses, I know where and what they are doing in the room, and sense what they are thinking.
I think telepathy is related to spirituality senses, it's basically the way your Spirit communicates by using it's spiritual senses.