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Former Vice President Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize – Can Vice President Dick Cheney achieve the same?

Former Vice President Al Gore said: “the climate crisis is not a political issue it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity,”
Apparently, the Nobel Foundation feels the same. The International community has embraced the efforts of both the former Vice President – Al Gore as well as the IPCC for their work towards bettering mankind and the environment we will leave future generations.
Do you think Vice President Dick Cheney will ever be viewed with the same esteem?


  1. he would if the word peace was taken out of peace prize. I mean come on PEACE prize! why would cheney get this?

  2. Nope. Nobel Peace prize is a joke and heavily slanted toward certain individuals. Nowadays it seems people “compete” for it. It certainly isn’t held in the same regard it used to be.

  3. If that murdering Yasser Arafat could be awarded the prize … then it can’t be all that much of an honor. Therefore, anything is possible.
    I doubt that most people give this prize much thought or credence.

  4. I don’t think Dick Cheney would want to be viewed in the same company of Yasser Arafat a terrorist, Jimmy Carter who stopped Korea from developing a nuclear weapon until he got on his plane to come home and the UN who is sharing the prize with Al Gore.

  5. I have to wonder, given the fact that there are at least 11 identified falsehoods in Gore’s movie, and the fact that it has to have a disclaimer at the beginning when shown in sholls, will his name be asterisked in the record books like the athletes who broke records while on steroids.

  6. the nobel prize is meaningless and has been for years. Look at some of the people who’ve earned it . – Al Gore, Muta Maathai (for planting trees for god’s sake), Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat (the terrorist), Kofi Annan (incompetent communist), Nelson Mandela (communist, terrorist), Muhannad Yunus ( a loan shark for poor people).
    I can go on and on. The prize has lost its meaning, and sometimes the winners arent’ even people.
    And 99% of the time, the winners do nothing for peace and are in fact charletans, terrorists, or communists, or tree-huggers.

  7. Who cares? Ever since those morons gave on to Arrafat in my opinion it has lost all credibility.
    Also, with all of the scientists withdrawing their old claims of man made global warming to one of natural cycles means that the Nobel Prize is even more tainted because it was given to someone (AlGore) based on lies and propoganda.
    I really do not feel that Vice President Cheney would want such a bogus award.

  8. It would be easy for Dick Cheney to win. All he would have to do is make up a big lie, talk the main stream media into promoting it, get Hollywood behind it , and become a liberal , or just fix Bill up with a cute girlie and fix Hillary up with a cute girlie.


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