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(for wiccans) Why shouldn't you do magick on a new moon?

I was just reading something that said it is better not to call upon energies on a new moon, but didn’t say why.


  1. You will not find 100% agreement.
    Some say you should not do magic during the dark moon.
    Then of course they books say you create a space between the worlds when you cast a circle and linear time does not exist there… so then, why worry what phase the moon is outside of the circle?
    Some books say never blow candles out, only pinch or snuff.
    Some books say never snuff candles out, only blow or pinch.
    Some books say never pinch candles out, only snuff or blow.
    Some traditions put the wand in the east and the athame in the south.
    Some put the wand in the south and the athame in the east.
    Some put air in the east, some put air in the north.
    Some say the altar always faces north.
    Some say it always faces east.
    Some rotate it based on the seasons.
    I wouldn’t worry about these details. I say do what your tradition teaches, or meditate on it and do what feels right to you. There is no consensus among Wiccans.

  2. Here is a rule of thumb. You do attraction magick when the moon is waxing (getting bigger to full) and banishing while it’s waning or new.
    Just go with what makes sense. It’s all about working with natural magnetisms. Also, consider the hours of your working, the day, and the spirits that rule them accordingly.

  3. The new moon is considered a period of rest from magic. Nothing bad will happen, but it could be more difficult to raise the needed energies during that time.

  4. I’ve done magick during a new moon, and I’ve not had problems with it. The New Moon has it’s uses just like the waxing moon. New Moon is good for:
    “Dark” Magick
    Anything related to the Crone, or goddesses such as Hecate
    There isn’t anything to be feared by the new moon, but if you feel uncomfortable working on that day, then I would tell you to refrain from it until you’re more okay with the idea.

  5. The kind of Wicca I study says that a new moon is best, but that is only because we thrive on the dark and the night. The moon does affect what magic of all kinds does, it can enhance it, it can deplete it. It may have said not to do it on a new moon because it might conjure up some bad energy. Other than that I can think of why that would be a bad thing, you could use a smudge stick or a sacred circle(which you should use regardless). There are many ways to protect yourself from bad and negative energy, candles and Insense(use black candles) or symbols to keep it out…


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