Home Discussion Forum For USA Citizens ONLY: Why would you rather live HERE than elsewhere?

For USA Citizens ONLY: Why would you rather live HERE than elsewhere?

And also, based on our rich national history and spiritual heritage, it’s obvious we are IN TROUBLE as a nation! What can be done to “turn the tide” before we go the way of other Empires like ancient Babylon and Rome??? Do you believe we need a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, like in days gone by? Or can we somehow ignore all the warnings and continue to try and “go it on our own”, WITHOUT being “one nation under God”?


  1. Honesty yes i would rather live in my country away from the city since it’s all full of making money and not knowing what specials any more. by da way i am a U.S. citizen just born in El salvador but came here when young. It’s difference from home or from spain.

  2. i would rather live here, because i can rally in washington for tougher laws, i can go to my union about a situation at my job, i can take my son out of school for movie day, i can live my life with ease that it won’t be dictated by anyone. i can marry who i want, go where i please. there are rules and regulations everywhere we go and anywhere, and i can also challenge these rules without persecution. i can be an athiest if i choose or believe ufo’s are my ancestors……………

  3. Who wants to live in the land of the controlled and the home of the coward? America has become the toilet of the world, and doesn’t even realize greatness has slipped away. A spiritual awakening might help, but which spirit? We have a president who thinks he is talking to God. If we look at Iran we laugh when their leaders say the same thing….No God is not the driver for a country, compassion, wisdom, maturity and responsibility are.

  4. I am an USA Citizen born in Europe.
    The reason why I rather live in the U S A is because I have lived in some place else and I am able to compare.There is a huge number of people from around the world waiting for a visa to be able to come to the United States,but I do not know of anybody trying to leave the United States.
    Not everyone will succeed in the United states and that will cause resentment towards the American society.One must keep in mind the reason why a person left his or her native country (they could not succeed)
    Obviously when we fail, the easy way out is to blame it on the others.
    The entire world is in turmoil it is not only the United States.Comparing the Roman empire to the United States may not be accurate, the Roman empire disintegrated from inside out, the squabbles you see among the American politicians is only for tax payers consumption, after the show they go out for dinner.
    We can not afford to loose the war of ideas that goes on around the world, the future of the western civilization is on the table.
    United states is the guardian of the western civilization,be optimistic.
    Long live the United States


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