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For those who work with magick. See the details…………………?

Why do you think that some spells intended to be white magick as they are not meant to harm nobody turn into black magic spells causing harm to other. For example, you do a simple spell to get some money, after a few days a family member dies and you inherit the money that you desired. The white magick spell has turned into a black magic spell causing the death of someone. So in your opinions, what causes this change in the spell?


  • Be very specific!!!!! I asked my daughter to do a spell for me to find a man. She said in the spell that he should be black, handsome,strong, and love only me………..but she forgot to say it had to be a MAN!!! Now I have a male cat, named Merlin, black, strong, loves me. Sigh Be very specific when doing spells!!! I wouldn’t give him up for anything, but I only wish she had done it right! GIGGLE

  • balance.
    you cant have one without the other.

    its not a spell change, its just that you only know one side of the effect and not the other

  • In my opinion, you are looking for an explanation for something that doesn’t happen. Possibly at the most generous, I might think that you were afraid that this kind of thing might possibly happen. I am quite certain nothing of the sort has ever happened to you or to anyone else.

    If you actually worked magic you would know that what you are describing would be like blowing out a candle and then blaming (or crediting) yourself because the sun set at that same moment. The truth is that these events are not really connected they are merely coincidental, and also vastly out of proportion.

    But let’s suppose that you are so remarkably well advanced in your study of the nature of the universe that you have mastered unimaginably vast powers and for some incomprehensible reason you have forgotten how they work.

    Unless you were -planning- to do magic that was specifically intended to kill that relative so you could get your inheritance; you can stop with the angst already. This is because unless you intend a person’s death and face what that requires of -you- personally it’s not going to happen.

    Speaking rhetorically – (since the relative in question did not actually die and leave you an inheritance); the aforesaid relative would have died regardless, whether you worked a spell – or not. If something like that ever did happen while it would be an unfortunate loss, and perhaps this kind of thinking may be your wya of dealing with grief but it would be nothing more than a simple coincidence and not the consequence of ‘accidental’ magic which is a sort of oxymoron.

    Someone who really works with magic does face challenges. They must keep their feet absolutely firmly planted on reality or they start imagining they are much more significant than they really are. Here is quick reality check: Keep in mind that, you are not really the master of all fates – merely your own, so get over yourself.

    Further, let’s keep in mind the nature of magic shall we? Magic is a change that must be in accordance with the intention and ‘will’ of the one who works it. Magic is not some kind of random effect produced by a roll of dice in a roll playing game. It is not ‘black’ or ‘white’, not good or evil…

    If I had to make a comparison magic is really more like electricity there are resistances and capacitances and particular modalities and flows but it doesn’t randomly produce effects anymore than soldering random electronic parts together would spontaneously produce a computer.

    Trying to make up justifications for imposing some imaginary christian morality to ‘regulate’ magic is a bit silly – if you work with magic you should know that. In my experience, the only people who make these sorts of claims are the ones who are looking for an excuse to explain why they “turned away” or ‘repented’ of magic – because (they claim) all magic is really satanic and evil…

  • I have never heard of any magik working that way. If that is happening to you then you have better add the clause of “and harm none” into your castings. Magik is a tool, it is neither white nor black, only the user is.

  • good & bad luck accompanies each
    other, they can never be separated…
    coz if you try to separate them, there
    will be no balance…

    its like the yin & yang, black & white,
    good & evil….got it?

  • Lots of apparently unrelated events must happen in order to provoke even the slightest movement in the world. Our understanding of such complex relations is really limited and this white/black magic thing might be just the way life (or whatever) shows us that we have to let things follow its natural course and do not try to impose our very limited knowledge, desires and/or emotions.

  • don’t u know that you are spose to be spicific that you want the money to come to you, but that you don’t want it at any ones expence aka a death. you have to state that you don’t want anyone to be hurt. that is rule number one when it comes to magic. you can do magic for what ever pourpos ( money, protection ect…) as long as it dosen’t interpher with others personal tought ( no love spells ) and as long as you rember to ask for no ones harm in your quest to your desires.

  • Those who have had this experience know not how to cast a spell. One must think ahead at the consiquenses before taking action. I myself have cast a money spell, and nothing beyond the good in my spell happened, only because I thought of the consiquenses first.It is obvious that whomever this punishment has been brought upon needs more practice.

    Blessed be!!!!

  • This is a very good question, if you practice or not. In my opinion, I think that maybe it might have something to do with motivations. Perhaps even motive that isn’t fully recognized by the practitioner, but might be more subconscious.

    One thing I am sure of is Cause & Effect.

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