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For those who have ever had a Psychic reading, do you do so just for validation?

Have you ever been to one and realised you had all the answers all along.
Or indeed when you had a reading what was said was just simply 100% proof of that which you knew all along but desired a second opinion.
As a Medium I find its best to have validation on that which comes to me, messages, much needed information etc.
Am sure most Mediums would agree with me on this.


  1. one of my cousins does those kinds of things and surprisingly they were pretty accurate. even though the answer was probably accurate to everybody like a horoscope

  2. As a tarot reader I find that a lot of other tarot readers come for me and ask me to give them a reading. More than 95% say afterwards that, that is exactly what they knew all along but did not trust to read for themselves.

  3. I’ve only once had a true psychic reading (that is a person claiming to be psychic giving info, instead of getting info through cards or another tool.) And, I think that lady was a scam — she sounded like she was giving a canned/cold reading of a bunch of info that seemed it could be easily surmised from the backstory or else like it would just be what she figured I wanted to hear.
    Fact is I get them to learn information unknown to me; occasionally I might suspect an outcome or circumstance and want to confirm or not, but I’ve never had a sense of “having the answers all along” in anything I troubled to get a reading about.


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